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For Pope Francis, “Abortion Is Not a Primarily Religious Matter”

By Luiz Sérgio Solimeo

Excerpts from the article:

Argentine Catholics set an example for the world by fighting hard against the legalization of abortion. They had no support from the Argentine pope, however. His leftist agenda does not include such concerns.

Silence in the Face of Abortion in Argentina

Pope Francis’s silence during the fight against legalizing abortion in Argentina was shocking.

For example, Prof. José Arturo Quarracino points out that in his latest Christmas message, Pope Francis spoke about the problems of several countries, but “not a single word about Argentina, his native homeland.” He stressed that “this indifference confirms what is commonly said among the bishops and priests friendly with Bergoglio: ‘Abortion isn’t as important a topic as the environment or migrants.’”


LFC Comments by “A Watchman on the Wall”:

There are 382,000 churches in the United States, with approximately 17,000 being Catholic churches. It is estimated that 72% of those churches do not preach the revealed Word of God in the Bible.

Houston…no need to keep looking. We have found the problem for the loss of morality in the United States. We have false prophets all over the place!

We saw Satan on the back side of the moon singing “Billie Jean” and performing the “moonwalk”…he seemed very happy!


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