Is Hillier a placeholder for Malecek?

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Why would Lake County Auditor Chris Galloway, and all of his “Kool Kids Klub” friends go to bat for a bottom-rung candidate like Chuck Hillier?

Many of his own supporters doubt Hillier is electable.

Hillier’s resume:

  • destroyed Eastlake while Council President
  • is known to be an angry man
  • has berated multiple members of the GOP Central Committee
  • has never run a serious campaign.

If his supporters doubt he is electable then why is he “Their Man?”

For answers, all we have to do is look at who the Kool Kids Klub members despise.

They hate Hillier’s opponent John Plecnik, and they hate current Commissioner John Hamercheck. What do these two righteous men have in common besides a first name? 

Why it is none other than Auditor Chris Galloway’s (aka Bob Dere) BFF – Democrat Kevin Malecek!

John Plecnik is a former Willoughby Hills Councilman and so is Kevin Malecek. Could this be why Hillier and Galloway had Kevin’s friend, Gloria Majeski, create a hit piece against Plecnik? Is Kevin the source of King Jerry’s and Galloway’s smears about Plecnik’s impeccable Conservative record in Willoughby Hills?

John Hamercheck beat Kevin Malecek in 2016 despite Malecek having the support of King Jerry Cirino, Galloway and the rest of the “Kool Kids Klub Kabal.” The Klub put up a no name opponent against fellow “Kool Kid” Jason Wuliger in the November 3, 2020 election, but ran their heaviest hitter, John Rodgers, against Hamercheck. Too bad for them that their plan to oust Hamercheck did not work.

But once a Kool Kid Klub seat, always a Kool Klub seat, right Jason and Jerry? 

Galloway and “Kompany” cannot appoint their Kool Kid Klub friends from the Democrat party to this seat. However, is Hillier the next best thing?

Does the Kool Kids Klub want a stooge like Hillier so he can be a lamb to Democrat Kingpin Kevin Malecek’s slaughter in 2022? In the meantime, do they play Hillier like a fiddle to get whatever they want out of their County Commissioners?

Sounds like a “Win Win” for the Kool Kids…but a “Lose Lose” for the people. 

Picture below of Kevin Malecek (right side) , former Willoughby Hills Mayor Bob Weger (left side) and censured GOP Central Committee Member Jim Walsh (middle), who has also endorsed Hillier…….suprise surprise.

The Kabal is alive and well in Lake County.)




(Picture of Kevin Malecek, former Willoughby Hills Mayor Bob Weger and censured GOP Central Committee Member Jim Walsh, who has also endorsed Hillier…….suprise surprise.)

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