Masks, COVID-19 and Lake County

LFC Comments: Thanks to the Lake County Health Department and our very capable Health Commissioner, Ron Graham, for the charts in this article.

Unfortunately, the Lake County Health Department is being unfairly maligned in the community. They have never issued a citation to ANY business in Lake County for failure to follow the State guidelines. They are working on a flyer that will help businesses and their customers better understand the State’s mask mandate.

The State’s Investigative Unit and the Bureau of Workers Compensation (modeled after the German’s Stasi enforcement arm) are the entities that are reeking the havoc with Lake County businesses.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the rights of businesses and their customers regarding the wearing of masks to combat the virus.

Any business has the right to mandate whether a customer wears a mask while in their store. If the customer does not comply, and remains in the store, a business can charge the customer with trespassing . We caution everyone that Marc’s and Giant Eagle grocery stores are super intolerant about customers wearing masks. So shop at your own risk.

Many businesses have employees that are unreasonably terrified by the virus, and the employer will take any precautionary steps to “protect” their employee. The customer has the right to spend their money with a more tolerant business.

For those businesses that are not the “mask Nazis”, they may approach an individual about wearing a mask, but if the customer says “I have a medical condition” that exempts the customer from wearing a mask, and the business cannot ask what medical condition the customer has.

LFC Comment: This chart shows the impact of social gatherings and the spread of the Covid-19 virus.
LFFC Comments: The good news is that the number of reported cases are going down.

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