Portman to Timken…it has been decided for you…no need to vote

LFC Comments by T. Paine: Thanks to our Cuyahoga lobbyist for this article, and pointing out that nothing really changes in politics. Lies, deceptions and betrayals are the order of the day. No need to vote…it has been decided for you by the elites of the party.


A Handoff from Portman to Timken

Written by: A Cuyahoga Lobbyist
Edited by LFC’s T. Paine
February 14, 2021

Jane Timken has officially thrown her hat into the ring as a candidate for the Rob Portman Senate seat. She makes a great candidate for the Ohio GOP (Arguably the best at raising money the GOP has ever seen)  Matt Borges was average at best at fundraising, She is/was excellent!, but she has certainly slid more to the middle (RINO) with her close association with kingmaker Mike DeWine. She’s a good candidate now before she was a great one. [LFC Comment: We wonder if the $3.6 million in DeWine’s campaign coffers has anything to do with her change to a RINO?]




When Timken first came on board and was elected Chairman (Which really upset the apple cart) it was as a breath of fresh air!  Much different from the foul polluted stench of Matt Borges, and his endless crap we had to endure.  Borges was groomed by the Party insiders to become Chairman. He was brought up through the ranks.  Kasich and Bob Bennet made sure this happened.

However, our current Party is regressing back to the “good” old days. Timken is no longer the staunch anti-establishment conservative, but has gone middle of the road over the past year due to her ever closer association with DeWine. She’s now been transformed into a Portman clone. Congratulations to our Republican establishment.

One other bit of news…On the Ohio Republican website front page there is a picture of DeWine already hailing his re-election campaign.  (Aren’t we supposed to endorse him for re-election first?) Well…Why waste time with a committee meeting and a vote?  So the State Central Committee is becoming a dog-and-pony show once again like it was under Bob Bennet and Matt Borges.  Some things never change!


Governor Mike DeWine
It’s never too early to start thinking about 2022.
Join the fight today to protect our Ohio values by standing up for strong conservative leadership.

LFC Comments: There they go again…strong conservative leadership! Lies, deception, betrayal abound. I tell you, this makes me gag!

Note to the GOP…continue to promote these deceivers, and watch what happens to your beloved party. Does the phrase “Whig Party” mean anything to you?



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