CDC new guidelines for wearing masks…pantyhose on your head

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Adding A Nylon Stocking Layer Could Boost Protection From Cloth Masks, Study Finds


April 22, 20201:34 PM ET

Researcher Loretta Fernandez of Northeastern University wears a homemade face mask without and with an extra outer layer made from nylon stockings (right). The added nylon outer layer significantly boosted masks’ ability to filter out small particles, her research found.
Loretta Fernandez

During World War II, nylon stockings disappeared from store shelves as the valuable synthetic material was diverted to make critical wartime supplies such as parachutes, flak jackets and aircraft fuel tanks.

Now, new research suggests that nylon stockings could once again play a critical role in a national battle — this time by making homemade cloth masks significantly more protective.

Researchers at Northeastern University have found that adding an outer layer made from nylon stockings to a homemade face covering can boost its ability to filter out small particles in the air by creating a tighter seal between the mask and the wearer’s face. In some cases, that extra nylon layer helped homemade cloth masks match or exceed the filtering capability of medical-grade surgical masks.

Note to Northeastern University researchers: We have also heard that putting duct tape over your mouth and and a clothespin on your nose will guarantee 100% that no viruses will be able to penetrate the body.


LFC Comments: A wise guy may be taking the new suggestions from the Center for Disease Control to the extreme….LOLOL…if you are this afraid of Covid-19 virus just stay home.

If you get to this level of fear, you are existing not living!



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