Dangerous Explicit Lessons in Central Ohio Schools

Monday, October 5, 2020
John Stover, President

Dangerous Lessons Underway in Central Ohio Schools
(Warning: explicit content)

The “Protect Ohio Children Coalition” is once again sounding the alarm about the war on children in Ohio’s schools.

Dangerous sexuality education lessons are being presented in Central Ohio by a group called Syntero, and they are often called “Healthy Bodies/Healthy Futures.” Syntero claims these lessons, presented to both middle and high schoolers, are “age appropriate and medically accurate.”

Yet neither claim is true. In fact, the dangerous, X-rated messages included in these lessons is not only medically/socially/emotionally high-risk, but also fit the profile of criminal corruption of children as defined in the Ohio Revised Code.

Because of our continued concern, a video was produced which lays out the principle problems with Syntero’s sexual indoctrination of the children in Ohio. In this video, you will hear from parents as well as Ohio education leaders, medical experts and criminal investigation professionals. You will find the video at this link (Warning: explicit content. Material is not suitable for children.)  Link to video

Do you believe it’s appropriate to teach young teens about sex toys? About sado-masochism as a sexual practice? That’s the kind of totally outrageous content of these lessons.

Ohio Value Voters has contacted Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost. Based upon the material, there is likely a cause for prosecution. We hope it does not come to that, and that school districts involved will end immediately the teaching of this pornographic material.

John Stover, President of Ohio Value Voters states: “If Attorney General Yost determines that current Ohio law does not permit his office to take action, it’s suggested that his office provide Ohio’s General Assembly with an advisory opinion to pass appropriate legislation.” 

We are calling on Central Ohio school districts to stop the sexual indoctrination of Ohio’s children and eliminate this material and teaching from the classroom.

The contract/arrangement they have with Syntero for the “Healthy Bodies/Healthy Futures” program must stop for the sake of our children.

Contact Attorney General Dave Yost at (614) 466-4986 and urge him to take action to protect children from these harmful lessons.

Sign our petition to the Governor, Attorney General, the General Assembly, State School Board and Department of Education to END these lessons. Link to petition




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