Holmes and Watson are on a new Lake County Case…

Let’s listen in on our modern day dynamic duo as they discuss the latest shenanigans occurring in Lake County.


Watson: (Calling on his new cell phone, after several tries)
“Holmes, can you hear me know”…”Oh, these newfangled devices tend to aggravate on old codger like me.”

Holmes: “Watson, you are coming in loud and clear”…”What’s the latest from Lake County?”

Watson: “A riddle for your keen mind mi amigo.” “What do you think Coulson, DeLeon, Hackman, Ruple, Sabath, Fellows, Cirino, Galloway and Judge…Judge…oh, darn…senior moment Holmes, can’t remember the Judge’s name, I’m afraid.” “Well, what do they all have in common?” “This is a doozy, Holmes, if I must say.”…(chuckling)

Holmes: “Cirino?”…”Are we going to talk about that bloke again?”

Watson: “Well, only indirectly…he’s now a back-bencher at the State House.”

Holmes: “Thank goodness, he was quite a bugger for the Lake County citizens, remember his ill-fated, $299,000 pig in a poke, Better Flip home, he approved as Commissioner?” “He had no problem that the Lake County Port Authority never had a budget for the project, and never had competitive bids.”

I recognize all the establishment Republicans except one, Ruple.” “Who is Ruple?”…”Never heard of him.”

Watson: “Jeffrey Ruple is a Lake County attorney, and he represents the Visitors Bureau.” “He appeared before the Lake County Commissioners, and I dare say he stepped in it with his testimony”…..(Laughing in Holmes’ ear)….”He’ll be cleaning that muck off his shoes for months…” “Too funny, and he had no clue”.

Holmes: “Watson, I need more details, don’t leave me hanging here.”

Watson: “Hold on a sec.. Holmes, I’m expecting calls from the Ohio Attorney General’s office and the Ethics Commission”…”Drat, it is the Attorney General’s office calling in”…”Sorry, forgive me Holmes, I’ll have to call you back.”

Holmes: (In a stern tone) “Darn it Watson, you are always doing this to me…giving me half a loaf”…”You better call me back soon”.

Watson: “You can count on it Holmes…there’s a million reasons to call you back.”


LFC Comments: Wow, what could our friend Dr. Watson have uncovered within the Republican Party of Lake County? All we can say is – stay tuned for more detective work by Holmes and Watson.




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  1. Lake County Visitors Bureau…sign our petition to defund. – Lobbyists for Citizens

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