Lake Health 2020 Physicians of the Year

LFC Comments: We have had personal experience with Eric Parsons, MD, orthopedic specialist, and would highly recommend him!


Lake Health Announces 2020 Physicians of the Year

January 26, 2021

Lake Health is proud to name and congratulate 10 Physicians of the Year for 2020. These Physician of the Year recipients are from multiple disciplines and comprise the physician leadership team that partnered with administrative leadership to help guide Lake Health through the COVID-19 pandemic.  They went above and beyond the call of duty to diligently pursue answers and develop protocols to support the health and safety of patients, families and the entire Lake Health team.

The 2020 Lake Health Physicians of the Year include:

  • David Hutt, MD, infectious disease specialist, has 35 years of service to Lake Health. As chair of Lake Health’s Infection Control Committee, Dr. Hutt led the fight against this deadly virus by sharing crucial information, identifying best practice guidelines and continuously updating protocols and procedures as needed, based on the latest information. 
  • Gary Kaplan, MD, is a pulmonologist with 33 years of service to Lake Health. As vice president of the Lake Health medical staff and a pulmonology and critical care specialist, Dr. Kaplan helped plan, direct, evaluate and adjust the critical care treatment protocols for COVID-19 patients.
  • Philip Brzozowski, MD, is an obstetrician/gynecologist in the Lake Health Physician Group OB/GYN Mentor and Willoughby practices who joined Lake Health in 2006. As president of the Lake Health medical staff, Dr. Brzozowski provided leadership of the COVID-19 response across all medical areas.
  • Olusegun Ogunlesi, MD, infectious disease specialist and chair of Medicine for the Lake Health medical staff, worked closely with the team to share information including best practice guidelines to impact the care of COVID-19 patients. Dr. Ogunlesi joined Lake Health in 2007. 
  • Richard Rowland, MD, emergency medicine specialist and chair of Emergency Medicine at Lake Health, directed protocols for all patients entering Lake Health’s three emergency department locations to promote the safe and effective care of patients as well as the safety of staff and family members. Dr. Rowland joined the Lake Health medical staff in 2019. 
  • John Baniewicz, MD, is chief medical officer of Lake Health and a practicing physician with Lake Health Physician Group Mentor Internal Medicine with 27 years of service to Lake Health. As Lake Health’s CMO, Dr. Baniewicz led with strength and determination, rallying and uniting the entire medical staff in our fight against COVID-19. 
  • Michael Menolasino, DO, hospitalist and medical director of Hospital Medicine, helped to establish the medical guidelines and directed inpatient care protocols for COVID-19 patients. Dr. Menolasino joined the Lake Health medical staff in 2013. 
  • Mark Barcelo, MD, is a pathologist who has been a member of the Lake Health medical staff for 28 years. As medical director of the Lab, Dr. Barcelo investigated and implemented options for in-house COVID-19 testing and to meet the demand for more tests and quicker results. 
  • Danielle Cooper, MD, joined Lake Health in 2003 as a physician with Lake Health Physician Group Lake County Family Practice. As medical director for the Lake Health Physician Group and Lake Health Urgent Cares, Dr. Cooper provided direction and coordination for the COVID-19 testing and safety protocols. 
  • Eric Parsons, MD, orthopedic specialist, joined Lake Health in 2007. As chair of Surgery for the Lake Health medical staff, Dr. Parsons guided surgical services through crucial safety and clinical protocols related to stopping and resuming elective surgeries. 

“Team work has always been a crucial part of health care but the pandemic showed us it was even more important than ever before. Superior patient care takes continuous collaboration and communication. This is why we decided to award not one but 10 physicians of the year,” said Cynthia Moore-Hardy, president and CEO of Lake Health. “I’m so thankful for their unwavering commitment and hard work during these unprecedented times.”




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