Hillard Schools Using Students to Promote Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

LFC Comments by “A Watchman on the Wall”:
Thanks to the several teachers and school board members that sent this information to us for publication. The Marxist agenda in the Ohio public schools keeps “pushing the envelope”. At what point will taxpayers say that they do not want their property taxes going to fund public schools if the school’s administration continues undermining the foundation of society’s morality? This is a blatant attempt to remove the Judeo-Christian values from our schools, and take another step toward making America a totally secular, Godless country.

Remember, evil works in incremental steps. Destroy the family, babies and morality, and a society will collapse. Marx and Gramsci knew this all too well.

Will seniors living on fixed incomes be considered a “protected class” and, therefore, be exempted from paying property taxes to fund this immorality?

This is a prime example of “Action Civics” in action. Public schools are using your children to advocate for immorality.


From our Friends at Center for Christian Virtue
(formerly Citizens for Community Values, CCV)
Hilliard Principal Orders Teachers to Have All Students Advocate for Controversial Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity City Ordinance

COLUMBUS—A Hilliard City School’s Vice Principal sent an email to staff this week ordering all teachers to have students send letters to the Hilliard City Council urging them to pass a controversial and dangerous ordinance that would make “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” protected classes.
The email obtained by Center for Christian Virtue (formerly Citizens for Community Values, CCV), instructs teachers to read a script to students supporting the so-called “anti-discrimination” ordinance. 
Among other harmful effects, the ordinance would require homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters to allow men to bathe and bunk with women. It would also require businesses and schools to allow men in women’s locker rooms or showers.
The script given to teachers, however, neglects to mention these and other harmful effects.
The order goes on to have teachers encourage students to think of ways they’ve been discriminated against for their letter to the Council, and to drop the letters in the school’s “main office” for delivery, before ordering the teachers to play a video for all students on how to lobby the City Council in support of the ordinance.
Read the email here.
“This is an unprecedented violation of the public trust,” said Aaron Baer, president of Center for Christian Virtue. “For Hilliard public schools to turn students into lobbyists is bad enough. But to pressure students to lobby for something as dangerous and controversial as a Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Bill is wholly unacceptable.”
“What’s worse, to order teachers to endorse legislation as harmful as a Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity law is incredibly unethical. The employees of the state come from diverse backgrounds, and should not be coerced to back such partisan and divisive legislation.”
“The Hilliard School Board must retract this email immediately and issue an apology to all students and teachers. They must also take all necessary steps to hold administrators responsible and ensure this unbelievable breach of the public and parents’ trust never happens again,” said Baer.
Contact the Hilliard School Board and Superintendent and demand they do not force this order upon students and teachers and that they immediately issue an apology.
Make your voice heard!
John Marschhausen, Ph.D.: superintendent@hboe.org
School Board Members:
Lisa Whiting (president): Lisa_Whiting@hboe.org
Brian Perry (vice president): Brian_Perry@hboe.org
Mark Abate: Mark_Abate@hboe.org
Paul Lambert: Paul_Lambert@hboe.org
Nadia Long: Nadia_Long@hboe.org
For more information, contact CCV at 513-733-5775 or info@ccv.org.


The following is a transcript of the public testimony before the members of the State Board of Education by John C. Marschhausen, Ph.D., Superintendent of the Hillard City School District.


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