Lorain County Board of DD and Their Violation of the ADA Law

LFC Comments: This article deals with the very strange conduct and protocols of the Lorain County Board of Developmental Disabilities. It appears that these usually compassionate individuals have taken the draconian mandates by Governor DeWine and his State Mental Health Director to a very unreasonable level. The Board is looking very incompetent.


Here is their website: http://www.murrayridgecenter.org/

Robert Gargasz, a Lorain County attorney, sent us the following video and asked that we inform the community about the conduct of the Lorain County Board of Developmental Disability.

Mr. JV Shor is the attorney for Ms. Anne Marie Wester and her auxiliary aid, and Mother, Ms. Carol Gray. Mr. Shor is giving effective notice to the Lorain County Board of DD that their actions, to date, are in violation of Title 2 and Title 3 of the ADA law.

THE LORAIN COUNTY BOARD OF DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES is disallowing touch between a Mother, legal guardian, and caregiver, and her disabled daughter! They are keeping severely disabled persons from touching and hugging family members that have always been available to them! Mental torture!

The ADA Title II does not permit the no contact order ( (prevention of human contact orders) between a Mother and Daughter / Guardian and Ward) ).   

Why does the Board and the Probate Court and the County Commissioners jeopardize the Federal Funding by its violation of ADA law in the matter of Mrs. Gray and her daughter?  

We need answers and it is clear local Courts and local politicians have failed Mrs. Gray and her disabled daughter to date.  

What must we do to achieve Justice for these aggrieved Lorain County Human Family members?

Can you help expose the injustice, the intransigence,  and incompetence of the warehousing mentality of these state actors supposedly acting with a compassionate and loving heart yet preventing a Mother and Child from human touch and then requiring a “sanitation” after every touching!  

The Governor and his health director’s unconstitutional orders have evolved to a satanic state in Intermediate care homes in Lorain County, Ohio!

And none of you good people are caring enough to publicly declare that a healthy Mother and Daughter have a God given fundamental rights to hug and touch each other! 

Damned Outrageous I Declare!  Does anyone hear me!  Does anyone care?  

Robert J. Gargasz
Lorain County Attorney



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