Dismantling the Lives of White People

LFC Comments: This New American article is very disturbing. Our country is on the path of destruction.

Excerpts from the article:

What happens when you remove “al” from “equality”? You get “equity,” leftists’ latest obsession and social-engineering justification, one eliminating even the superficial claim that equality is a priority. Thus did we just hear about white high-school students being investigated for advocating equality — and thus do we now hear about the Madison, Wisconsin, Police Civilian Oversight Board (PCOB), whose policy essentially is “No whites need apply.”

The notoriously left-wing Madison government had established the board “in response to activists concerned with police relations,” writes the Federalist. “The board’s mission is rather vague: ‘provide input,’ ‘engage in community outreach,’ and ‘make policy-level recommendations.’ What the board is not vague about is who is allowed to participate.” The site then continues

Six of the board’s 11 members must be black. No Asians, American Indian, Hispanics or Latinos, or Whites can sit in those six seats: “Blacks Only,” to use the terminology of the City’s Alder Workgroup, which explicitly mandated “50 percent Black members.”

Furthermore, one board seat is reserved for an Asian; one board seat is reserved for an American Indian; one board seat is reserved for someone identifying as “Latinx.” Finally, one board seat is reserved for a “member of the LGBTQ community,” although the city presumably would allow someone to be both a minority and LGBTQ at the same time.

Heralded as a serious effort at “equity” and “inclusion,” Madison’s Police Civilian Oversight Board intentionally discriminates based on racial categories — a practice with an ugly and pernicious past. This is also the vision of America’s most prominent “antiracists.” For example, in his 2019 book, “How to be an Antiracist,” best-selling author Ibram X. Kendi is explicit that, “The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.”

(Interestingly, wouldn’t the last line imply that the remedy for anti-white discrimination today is anti-black discrimination tomorrow?)

“Unfortunately, Madison is not alone in this kind of legal racism,” the Federalist further informs. “California now imposes racial quotas on private companies’ boards. NASDAQ is following suit. Many private companies, such as Delta Airlines and Wells Fargo, are promising to impose quotas.”

Interestingly, Madison’s officials are mandating that their PCOB be more than 50 percent black despite their city being only seven percent black. Asians get just one seat despite being somewhat more numerous than blacks (almost nine percent). Whites are 78.59 percent of the population, yet could be whited out completely.

What would be the reaction, however, if officials in Detroit (a city approximately 80 percent black) excluded blacks from a government body and mandated that it be 50 percent white?

Don’t ask. Racial double standards aren’t just tolerated wink-and-nod style by today’s leftists, but are now openly advocated as they continue “(d)evolving.” First there was “equality,” which they never really believe in anyway. This was followed by “proportionality” (when convenient), which states that groups must be represented in an endeavor in accordance with their percentage of some wider population. Now it’s “equity” — explained lipstick-on-pig style in the Kamala Harris campaign video below — which is just one step away from bluntly saying, “I’ll oppress you because it wins me power or because I hate your guts … and because I can.”

The Federalist points out that racial discrimination is still illegal and that seven residents, represented by a law firm, are already challenging Madison’s racial quotas. If the city doesn’t alter them, it will face a lawsuit of a kind that would be lost.

That is, until the Left succeeds in “reshaping” the courts into woke tribunals.

In reality, anti-white bigotry has of late become intense — and big business. For example, Coca-Cola Company was just recently exposed compelling its employees to undergo critical-race training in which they were literally told, “Try to be less white” (video below).

The Coke “training” is the handiwork of professional anti-white activist Robin DiAngelo. White herself, DiAngelo is a con artist who makes big bucks instructing whites in the finer points of racial self-flagellation. She’s the author of the book White Fragility, which is all the rage among our oh-so-intellectual pseudo-elites.

All this relates to a truth, one the Federalist illuminated in an article last week. “When progressives say they want to dismantle ‘whiteness,’ they want you to believe they mean some complicated sociological phenomenon,” the site wrote. “They do not. They mean ‘white people.’”

“They mean they want to dismantle the lives of white people,” the Federalist continued. “This is a critical thing to understand because if you don’t, you are already playing their game.”

Quite true. Some target white people for money, others for power, and yet others out of wrath. But it all leads to the same outcome: hatred, bigotry, and discrimination — and a very dangerous game.



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