Holmes and Watson: Lake County Visitors Bureau…oh, what a tangled web they weave…

Well, our favorite detectives Holmes and Watson keep “turning over the rocks” on the Lake County Visitors Bureau. This is their second episode dealing with the mysterious, and oh so secret Lake County private body that is gobbling up taxpayers’ funds without accountability.


In this episode, we find our truthtellers pouring through records while wondering out loud why Lake County officials are acting in such a strange manner.

Holmes: “Watson, my man, we have so many records on the Lake County Visitors Bureau we are going to need more filing cabinets.” “Mrs. Hudson is starting to get on my case..”

Mrs. Hudson: “I heard that Mr. Holmes”…I will admit I run a tight ship”…”A place for everything, and everything in its place, I always say.”

Watson: “My dear Mrs. Hudson, I regret to inform you that more records may be on the way”…”I have sent another records request to the Lake County officials.”

Holmes: “More records? “What did you ask for, and when do you think we will get them?”…”Blimey, we may have to get a bigger flat.”

Watson: “Remember Holmes, we talked about the secretive nature of the Visitors Bureau.”

Holmes: “Yes, I do recall…bloody vampires….sucking the blood of the taxpayers, and having the audacity of telling the taxpayers to bugger off when they want information.”

Watson: “You nailed it again Holmes!”…”My how I admire your insight into complex matters”.

Holmes: “Elementary my dear Watson.”…”However, we just need to be mindful of our adversaries”…”They think we are push-overs, and they, the ruling class, can simply ignore and squash the peasants.”

Watson: (with a stern face looking over his horned rimmed glasses) “Push-overs, you say”…”Hah, we shall see about that”…”of all the impudent behavior”…”you know Holmes, it will not stand”.

Mrs. Hudson: “Mr. Watson…please…remember your blood pressure”.

Watson: “You are quite right Mrs. Hudson”…”thank you for your concern”.

Watson regains his composure and continues….

Watson: “I have asked for financial information about the Visitors Bureau”…”You know the basic stuff, balance sheets, income statements, revenues from their members”…You do know Holmes that their 501 (c) (6) non-profit status requires that the majority of their revenue must come from members? “Important point, Holmes.” I fear that our records request has gone into the black hole known as the Lake County Prosecutor’s office.”

Holmes: “Oh, for the love of Pete…why did you send the records request to the Prosecutor’s Office?…”You know that they are not forthcoming with information, and do not care a twit about the peasants”. “Hell, remember when Coulson and his Sheriff refused to speak to the citizens when they wanted an audience.”….”and didn’t, what’s his name….er..DeLeone, that’s it…didn’t he pull a fast one on the Election’s Board request?”

Watson: “Holmes, all of our records request have to go through the Prosecutor’s office. They have to be sure to sanitize the responses, just to make sure that too much of the truth doesn’t get out to the peasants”.

Holmes: “You know what is bugging me Watson?”…”For the life of me, I just cannot understand why the Visitors Bureau registered with the IRS as a 501 (c) (6) non-profit. They want the secretive shield of a non-profit so they do not have to report to the taxpayers, but they are willing to accept taxpayers’ fund through the Hotel Bed Tax.” There is only one reason for that chicanery.”

Watson: “Easy Holmes…you know what happens when you are over the target?”…”You take on flak”. ,,,”Here is another sticky wicket, if you will”…”All the major Lake County Republicans leaders know about it, but still let it happen” ,,,,”Makes one say “HMMMM”…interesting, very, very interesting, I must say.”

Mrs. Hudson: “My, my, my what a tangled web they weave, when they first set out to deceive.” Gentlemen, how about some more piping hot tea with my newly baked, delicious crumpets?”

Watson: “Easy on the sugar, Mrs. Hudson…it gives me gas”.


Stay tuned for episode three of this series…Holmes and Watson continue to pull back the curtain on this web of deception.

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