It’s A Matter of Life

Bill and Melinda Gates -Depopulation Fanatics

Written by: “Anonymous One”
February 25, 2021

Almost daily we hear statements from so-called “devout, practicing  Catholics” who advocate for law and practices that disrespect the sanctity of human life.

Billionaires Bill and Melissa Gates, just two such deceivers, lead a  family foundation that, under the guise of helping the poor and “bringing the Catholic Church back to its social justice roots”, are diabolic advocates for Planned Parenthood; all forms  of contraception, sterilization; unfettered child murder up until birth; and global population control.

Melinda Gates states that she questions the Church’s “received teachings” on artificial birth control. Humanae Vitae, the Encyclical issued by Pope Paul VI in 1968, reaffirmed the teaching from the beginning that artificial contraception is immoral.

Abortion is murder and violates the Commandment, “Thou shall not kill”.

The Gates’ life missions are so diametrically opposed to basic Church teachings  that, in order to be described as “practicing Catholics”, they are  clearly in need of more “practice”.


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