Hey, Sheriff Leonbruno and Prosecutor Coulson…can you top this?

LFC Comments: We tried several times to get a meeting with the Lake County Sheriff, Frank Leonbruno and the Prosecutor Chuck Coulson. We wanted to hear from our top law enforcement officials in Lake County on how the average citizen can protect themselves, their family and their property.

To date, both law enforcement officials have ignored the average citizens of Lake County. It makes us wonder if they really care about us. Coulson always runs unopposed in elections, and it seems to be an unwritten rule that no one may challenge him. They will have to pry that office away from his cold, dead hands. Leonbruno may be a great law enforcement officer, but his public relations skills leave a lot to be desired.

We would like to have them watch this video…this is a guy that is looking out for the average citizen!



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