How to take back YOUR Schools

Written by Tom Zawistowski…

LFC Comments: One of the leading conservative voices in all of Ohio has put together a step-by-step approach for the average citizen to follow in order to eliminate the Marxist propaganda being taught in Ohio’s public schools.

Please do not vote for any new or renewal property tax levies until you know what is being taught in your school district!


How to take Back YOUR Schools

How to take Back YOUR Schools

Take Back Our Schools by Tom Zawistowski is licensed under N/A N/A

Instructions on how to take back your schools from the marxist left and corrupt teachers unions.


What is the 1619 Project and Why it must not be taught in YOUR Schools!

What is Critical Race Theory and Why it doesn not fight Racism but Promote It!

How ‘Black Lives Matter’, the Marxist Organization, is moving into YOUR Schools!

What is the 1776 Project and Why it needs to be in YOUR Schools!

If you are a teacher you now have the right to opt-out of your teachers union and not pay union dues! Find out more!

Steps to take to find out if your School District is Indoctrinating your children:

1) Copy this Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) letter and revise it to your needs then mail or email it to the Superintendent of your local school district(s):



Superintendent Name
School District Name
School District Address

Dear Superintendent (Last Name):

This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act for a copy of the following:

We request that you provide us with copies of any and all materials including lesson plans, instruction manuals, instruction handbooks, proposals from outside contractors, documents, emails, voice mails, charts, graphics, other teaching materials and any other supplemental material used by this school district to instruct students, teachers, staff, or parents about any of these subjects:

The 1619 Project
Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States”
The Black Lives Matter Organization and/or Curriculum
Marxist Ideology
Critical Race Theory
Gender Identity and Trans-Genderism
Anything Sexuality related by grade level
Anything relelated to “White Fragility” or anti-White content

Disclosure of the information requested herein is within the public interest, will benefit the parents of (district name) school children as well as the general public. As a tax payer who funds this school district I hereby request that you waive any and all fees associated with the costs for reproducing or e-mailing the requested information.

We would prefer that the requested information be sent in electronic form to (email address) or, where electronic sharing is not possible, to the address indicated below. 

Should you have any questions concerning this FOIA request or our petition for a waiver of fees, please do not hesitate to contact me at (email or telephone number). I look forward to your prompt attention to this request.

Thank you for your assistance. 

Yours truly,


2) Follow up to make sure that the FOIA request was received.

3) When you receive a response, if they say that they have no such materials in the school district, send them a thank you note and suggest that they notify the public when any change in that policy is being considered.

4) If they provide materials pertinent to you request, review them and if you find them objectionable, write to the SCHOOL BOARD and inform them that you find the materials objectionable and not consistent with the values of your community and demand that they be removed immediately from the District. (We will work on providing a sample of what that letter can look like.)

5) If they refuse to remove the materials after your request, then you should write a letter to the local newspaper or post it on the local social media account, describing the materials you find objectionable and urging parents and other citizens to contact the School Board for your school district to demand that they be removed.

6) If they still refuse to remove them then you need to organize your community to vote down their next levy and make it clear to the school board that you will defeat every levy until the materials are removed. (We will provide materials and instructions for how to do that soon.)

7) You need to organize at your church or in your neighborhood to recruit citizens who feel the way you do who will run for school board. (We will provide materials and instructions for how to do that soon.)

8) If you can recruit enough people to run for school board and take control of the school board, you then need to move to refuse to sign any union contract. (We will provide more information on that as well.)

 Take Back Our Schools by Tom Zawistowski is licensed under N/A N/A



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