Open Letter to Lake County Sheriff Frank Leonbruno and Commissioners

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Dear Sheriff Frank Leonbruno,
cc. Commissioners Ron Young, cc John R. Hammercheck, cc John Plecnick,cc Ron Graham, cc Becky Lynch, cc Honorable Matt Lynch, cc Honorable Elizabeth Tekavec

The purpose of this letter is to make yourself and other public officials aware of new Wall Street and Federal Reserve policy changes that will impact your life and that of all Americans. I prayerfully offer it to you out of great concern for fellow citizens and our children.  It is not immediately obvious in this letter, but this issue dovetails with others like Covid and even the loss of property.    At a later date, and in another letter, I will speak to that. Please watch ….

In the video, Glen Beck explains how a Chinese-style social credit system is already here and how it will increasingly rule your life and constrain your freedoms. 450 banks met recently and agreed to promote the concept of assigning you an “ESG” score (environmental, social justice, governance score).

The ESG score measures your compliance with the environmental and social justice goals of these banks and large corporations. If you are out of compliance, then you will not be able to obtain a car loan, mortgage, business loan, or project financing. If widely adopted as the planners desire, if you get too low a score, you might not be approved for an apartment rental, or be passed over for hire or lose your job.

Proponents couch this initiative in pleasant language (see their own website, but they aim to force your compliance. They propose excluding YOU from financing if you do not comply with their value system. If you do business with a company that uses coal, or donate to a conservative cause (like Right to Life), then you will have your ESG score downgraded. Even your investment choices within your 401K must comply with their justice goals and their environmental goals; investing for return is irrelevant. If you invest in the ‘wrong’ companies, you will be “excluded” or “shut off”. This is already occurring: Bank of America is very open about ESG scores. 

Bank of America and Citibank have stated that they will deprive gun manufacturers of financing risking bankruptcy and loss of property.  

Gab, the social networking tool that competes with Twitter, was cut off from all financing. 

Retailers, likely under pressure from their banks threatening to lower their SEG scores, have dropped the MyPillow Company and founder Mike Lindell. He has lost over $65M in business because he dared question election integrity and may face bankruptcy.  This is a risk to everyone’s freedom of speech.  

Remember the movie “GATTACA”? Your freedom is nothing to them. This is how they plan to control everyone. There is no hiding. You can’t just lay low. Everything you do will be monitored and judged. According to Glen Beck, “This is the biggest moneymaking grab in world history and it comes at your expense.”

‘Green’ investing fuels the carbon credit markets and makes Wall Street tons of $$$. “One day Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi invests 1 million in Tesla. Two weeks later Tesla announces that it is doing only electric cars. Then Biden signs into law a measure to make the government only purchase electric cars. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi, and politicians like her, triple their money.” The real environment suffers. Electric car batteries use rare earth metals that cause toxic waste dumped into Chinese rivers. And gas must still be burned here at home to create electricity at a loss of net energy. It is an environmental moneymaking scam. 

Cancel culture is largely the product of large banks threatening corporations with low ESG scores. Public corporations like Disney, for instance, are removing books and movies (like Dumbo and Peter Pan) from circulation as “racist” because it improves the “social” aspect of their banking ESG score. A low ESG means that Wall Street will not trade their stocks in high-volume electronically traded funds (ETFs).  

Only by understanding what is behind the many changes we see in society can we prepare and withstand the ongoing assault on our freedoms. Lake County leaders need to be aware of what is coming for us all.   The situation is absurd when one contemplates how banks create money and have usurped so much power. The U.S. Constitution delegates money creation to Congress via the Treasury.  Later, in 1913, Congress delegated that power to the Federal Reserve.  

Today, however, most money is created by banks when they issue credit in the form of loans.   Until 2019 banks were required to have $1 dollar on reserve/deposit for every $10 they issued (created) in the form of loans.  Then banking rules changed in 2020.    Today, banks are no longer required to have deposits.  They merely create money like King Midas waving his magic wand.   

If they have any financial problems at all they can borrow at the Federal Reserve’s discount window at .25% (nearly free) while still charging you 21.0% on a credit card. Furthermore, as of 2020 their books can now be cleared of bad assets by selling them to the Treasury’s new special purpose vehicles.   This means that banks (especially the large politically banks that lobbied for this change) can no longer go out of business and have less incentive to work with borrowers.   Meanwhile, ESG scores, lockdowns, and economic downturns place ordinary businesses and individuals at great risk.   Who benefits?  Who gets legal Title?

The Bank of England does a wonderful job explaining how banks create money. 

New 2020 Bank rules 

We stand on a historical precipice.   When Congress turned over money creation to the Federal Reserve; they also expected that the decision would serve the public’s interest.  We are now about to see banks pick winners and losers based on their political views. It is not going to be pretty.   There are survival strategies out there.   I hope to discuss this more with some of you later.

Esther David




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