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LFC Comments by a “Watchman on the Wall”:

When we read the following statistics provided by the Center for Community Solutions, we are led to ask these basic questions:

  • How does this happen in a country with all the economic might of the United States?
  • Has the break-down of the traditional family caused this untenable situation?
  • Why do our politicians continue to promote open borders, thereby allowing more poor people to flow into the country? [answer: Cloward-Piven]
  • Why does our government run schools (formerly known as public schools) continue to graduate children that are illiterate?
  • How complicit are the teachers’ union in this charade of government run schools?
  • Why do we continue to allow illegal drugs to flow into our country?
  • Why don’t the non-profits that make money helping people with drug problems, DEMAND that borders be closed and that the supply side of the problem be addressed?
  • Why are most churches mute on the social issues of the day?
  • Are churches more worried about their 501 (c) (3) non-profit status than the fate of the people? Or, are they just afraid of offending people that continue to fill the collection plate?
  • Why are most of the average citizens complacent, and unwilling to speak out when they realize their country is going to a “hell in a hand-basket”?
  • Do people realize that when we kill babies, the traditional family and morality, a society will collapse?
  • Do people realize that evil works in incremental steps, and we are in a spiritual war of good versus evil?





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