Constitution Classes Are Offered

“The Constitution is the Solution” 

                         Six Week Class – Saturday Mornings 

Last March 2020, in an unprecedented exertion of power the government, (Federal & State), issued unilateral decrees, ordering local businesses, Churches, & schools closed.

They indefinitely suspended basic God given Freedoms, restricting our personal movement, travel, & mandating our behavior.  Our U. S. Constitution, which has been in effect for 244 Years, was in one year, stricken, subverted, and defiled!  

What is stunning is the numbing fact that the American People laid down and accepted slavery with unscientific rules, restrictions, mandates, and over inflated figures for a full year, just because the “Media” said so!   And are NOW willing to be vaccinated, under the same pretenses. 

The Proper role of Government is the responsibility of the people. An Informed Electorate is the only answer.  The Constitution IS the Solution ! 

The future of your children, grandchildren, your American way of life, and your Country RELY on your knowledge, and actions to know and defend your Constitution.

Your God given Rights cannot be voted away, taken away, or legislated away, but they can be surrendered at any time.  

Where:  Fowlers Mill Christian Church 10755 Mayfield Road Chardon Ohio. Just East of Alpine Valley Ski facility. 

When:  Saturday Mornings    9am to 12 noon.   We will view a video, complete a worksheet, followed by Discussion and Q & A.  

                           May:   1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, and June 5th

The cost of the class is $30.00 which includes an information packet that is pre-ordered. You will want this information for future reference. At the end of this class, you will be able to defend and explain Your U.S. Constitution in any situation.                 

Registration/prior payment is Required- Limited Seating   

                             Call:      Fred Deming  440-376-2189   


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