Google…part of the solution, or part of the problem?

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We ask these basic questions: “What is the end game of ANTIFA and the BLM movement?” If their ends are noble, why must the news media and big tech lie, deceive and betray the American people?”


Google Suppressing the News

Written by: “On Behalf of Liberty”

“Following a night of rioting in Minnesota, Google is actively suppressing any news coverage using the term “riots.” Coverage results when compared to Google’s competitors show a vastly different past 24 hours in Minnesota. Google suppression has become the subject of intense debate on Capitol Hill. The ability of tech companies to deny access to information sparked calls over the summer for lawmakers to reign in Silicon Valley.”  

Meanwhile, this is what is really going on: 

In Seattle, Washington, hundreds of black bloc Antifa militants and members of the Seattle chapter of the Youth Liberation Front (YLF) gathered at Occidental Park, marched through Pioneer Square and targeted the South Precinct of the Seattle Police Department (SPD). The rioters illegally blocked traffic, vandalized multiple businesses, and launched fireworks toward the South Precinct before marching back to Occidental Park.

In Portland, Oregon approximately 200 black bloc Antifa militants assembled in Laurelhurst Park for a “vigil” for Daunte Wright. The group soon began to riot and targeted the Kelly Penumbra Building — a favorite target from the 2020 George Floyd uprisings that houses the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO). They violated a police perimeter set up around the building, threw various projectiles, launched fireworks at deputies and officers of the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) defending the facility. Militants lit several dumpster and debris fires as a diversion while others lit the East side of the building on fire with “wood and other flammable material.”

Officers responded with multiple rushes and less-lethal munitions, but waves of Antifa militants repeatedly attempted to breach the entrance of the building. Law enforcement eventually was able to push the attacking mob West while rioters continued to throw projectiles, reportedly stole private property in a residential neighborhood, and vandalized a church. During the attack at the Kelly Penumbra Building, Antifa militants breached the fence at a PPB facility elsewhere in the city, vandalized and disabled police vehicles before being chased off the property.

In Brooklyn Center, Minnesota approximately 300 BLM activists and black bloc Antifa militants gathered at the Brooklyn Center Police Department (BCPD) precinct again in response to the death of Duante Wright. Earlier in the day, concrete barriers and chain link fences were erected throughout the day surrounding the BCPD precinct in anticipation of violence and rioting. In addition, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (D), Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey (D), and St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter (D) issued a 7PM curfew during a joint press conference for Ramsey, Hennepin, and Anoka counties in response to riots on Sunday night. The crowd quickly became violent and threw projectiles at National Guard troops, BCPD officers, and Minnesota State Patrol (MSP) troopers defending the precinct. Law enforcement pushed back the rioters several times, but the mob refused to disperse after the curfew. Officers deployed less-lethal munitions and pepper spray against rioters throwing projectiles and attempting to scale precinct barricades. Officers were eventually able to repel the rioters, and arrested at least 40 before the mob dispersed. Meanwhile, rioters looted dozens of businesses and attempted to set fire to at least one business as law enforcement was engaged in defending the local precinct. Gunfire was reported throughout the night and several armed citizens were observed defending buildings.

Analyst Comment: The Wright protests and riots were much more organized than the initial Floyd riots in 2020. Leftist intelligence support teams provided real-time updates on recommended routes, escape/evasion routes, and the location and/or activity of law enforcement in several cities. Antifa militants and BLM rioters conducted multiple waves of attacks on police. In addition, they took advantage of and at times purposefully distracted police to conduct attacks or looting in other locations. Car caravans have been used widely and consistently by looters as they did in cities like Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Chicago, Illinois in 2020. Posters calling for direct action and demanding “justice” were swiftly produced and distributed via Far Left chatrooms for 16 different cities.


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