Robin Hopkins Willoughby South Principal Speaks Out On Equity…updated 4/22/21

Updated with readers’ comments: April 22, 2021

LFC Comments by T. Paine: We were asked to look into the speech by Robin Hopkins, Principal of Willoughby South High School, to the Willoughby Eastlake School Board on April 12, 2021.

The original meeting is over one hour long so we created a shortened video with just the portion dealing with Ms. Hopkins’ speech.

We will let the taxpayers in the Willoughby Eastlake School District decide if this is how their property taxes should be spent.

If you do not agree, then you need to speak out and let the School Superintendent and School Board know your concerns.

After a great deal of research into the government schools, we have come to the conclusion that they preach equality of outcome, but what the socialists/communists controlling our government schools really want is equality of outcome. [There is no word yet on whether they will be lowering the height of the basketball rim so the white guy that can’t jump will be able to dunk a basketball.]

A racist fallacy lurks at the heart of the “kids at the baseball game” image describing “equality vs equity”.

The three children in the drawing are innately different. One was born tall enough to see over the fence, and one was not.

Since she is talking about race and not poverty, the implication is that the shortest child represents the African-American child. It follows that her position, when you scape away all that lofty talk, is that black children are innately inferior. African Americans can’t possibly “see over the fence”. All men are not created equal.

Some on the left are aware of this and advocate for an adjustment to the metaphor, showing all the children as the same height, they are just standing on unlevel ground:

Reply from a reader:
“It is perfectly fine to engage in a discussion about how, broadly speaking, poorer communities are in need of a “boost” when it comes to education to help attain better outcomes. But when people such as this woman (and everyone who has bought into Critical Race Theory) boil everything down to race and racism, we have a problem. Because CRT by its nature divides people when they should be united. It lumps people into groups and focuses on their differences, when we should be acknowledging the unique dignity of each individual, and finding common ground in our shared humanity.”

Reply from a reader:
I watched Robin Hopkins deliver her message live during the W-E board meeting last week. The box that Hopkins referred to represented reparation for people who were born genetically short. Even though the box removes the obstacles that challenge short people it is not acceptable to them because it was given to everybody regardless of their height. Therefore it is no longer reparation exclusive to them. Just my take on her prattle.




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