Stephanie Stock , President of OMAF, Preserving Medical Freedom

LFC Comments: Stephanie Stock spoke to citizens of Lake, Geauga and Cuyahoga County about the coming attack on Christian Conservatives by the science community. Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom are promoting Ohio HB 248, which will ensure vaccine passports DO NOT discriminate against unvaccinated people in Ohio.

HB 248 has  been assigned to the House Health Committee.

Here are the Ohio legislators that are on the House Health Committee, and their contact information is listed below.

Next step will be the bill sponsor introduction hearing, where Representative Jennifer Gross will introduce the bill.

Please begin reaching out to Health Committee members and explain to them why blanket coverage for vaccine exemption rights across the state, from both public and private entities, is vital to you and your family. Ask them respectfully to protect your right to make medical decisions for yourself without threat to your livelihood, or access to goods and services, by voting YES on HB 248!


Rep. Scott Lipps (R)
District 62
(614) 644-6023

Vice Chair:
Rep. Adam Holmes (R)
District 97
(614) 644-6014

Ranking Member:
Rep. C. Allison Russo (D)
District 24
(614) 466-8012

Rep. Timothy E. Ginter (R)
District 5
(614) 466-8022

Rep. Adam C. Bird (R)
District 66
(614) 644-6034

Rep. Al Cutrona (R)
District 59
(614) 466-6107

Rep. Jennifer Gross (R) (Bill sponsor 🇺🇸)
District 52
(614) 466-8550

Rep. Phil Plummer (R)
District 40
(614) 644-8051

Rep. Brian Stewart (R)
District 78
(614) 466-1464

Rep. Susan Manchester (R)
District 84
(614) 466-6344

Rep. Andrea White (R)
District 41
(614) 644-6008

Rep. Tom Young (R)
District 42
(614) 466-6504

Rep. Janine R. Boyd (D)
District 9
(614) 644-5079

Rep. Terrence Upchurch (D)
District 10
(614) 466-7954

Rep. Beth Liston (D)
District 21
(614) 644-6030

Rep. Thomas West (D)
District 49
(614) 466-8030

Rep. Michele Lepore-Hagan (D)
District 58
(614) 466-9435


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