Crestwood School District Tax Levy

Here is a message from the “Freedom for All” group about the Crestwood Property Tax levy.

Hi, folks!  Know what I love about living here in Northeast Ohio?  I am a just a short drive away from down to earth, conservative, hard working Amish who rely on themselves, the work of their hands, and their morality to live a successful, quiet life. 

I drove past a simple one room Amish school last week and a question came to mind: If air conditioning, massive football bleachers that are empty 95% of the year, vast gyms, dozens of buses with all those drivers and mechanics, and heavy prison style bullet proof security doors are all an absolute requirement for a child to have a basic education, then why don’t we have more unemployed, illiterate Amish hanging out on the street corners, all helpless victims of a mean miserly society who was too selfish to throw millions of dollars at their feet for these massive school complexes? 

The answer is that we don’t.  And that should speak volumes to you. 

It does to me.  It tells me that throwing more money at the problem is not the solution.  It tells me that throwing more money into government coffers is a failed concept.  And that is why I am voting no, once again, this coming Tuesday, May 4th against the Crestwood failing school income tax levy. 

Please join me on Tuesday, May 4th in reminding these educators that No means No.  Vote Tuesday and Vote No. 

This message was paid for by the Freedom for All PAC.  Thank you in advance for voting No!




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