Stop Indoctrination in Schools

Do you know if Critical Race Theory (CRT), Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE), or Social Emotional Learning (SEL), is being taught in your local school system?
We are here to help. Today we are announcing a powerful new tool for Ohio.

Go to and you will find step-by-step information for stopping indoctrination in your local school district. You can also find out if your school district is listed in our new indoctrination site map and see specific evidence that we have uncovered recently, and over the last four years.

You can also subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch local school board meetings where citizens are taking back their schools!

When you find harmful materials, please send us your anonymous tips so that we can analyze the information, and update the site map. All tips will be kept completely confidential. Upon request, one of our region leaders can consult with you about best-practices for stopping the radical agenda in your community.

The Protect Ohio Children Coalition is a state-wide grassroots volunteer organization dedicated to watching schools and school boards across Ohio. When schools take steps to bring indoctrination into the classrooms, we are here to shine light on the darkness of dangerous and radical materials being presented to children across the State of Ohio.

Diane Stover
Program Director
Protect Ohio Children Coalition




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