Communists and their useful idiots

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Communists know that with little effort they can turn you into a useful idiot

By Bruce Deitrick Price
June 8, 2021

Why not? They’ve done it to millions of other people. Some of them probably better educated than you.

If you’re a typical person with little background in psy-ops, you cannot resist what’s about to happen. They’ll find a sore spot which they poke to manipulate your feelings. Let’s say you feel sorry for tall people, short people, blondes, crippled people, whatever. You’ve got to feel sad and guilty about these people, that’s the important thing.

Hasn’t everybody figured this out yet? Our subversives don’t care about any of these groups. The only question is, do you care? Are you a sentimental sucker with regard to Arctic people, albinos, or Cajun descendants? Do you feel guilty about their plight? Good, you can be made useful.

Saul Alinsky shows us the inside of the Communist brain. He recommended that “Radicals” pick something that embarrasses their enemy, and hammer on it. In the case of America, there is the painful issue of slavery hundreds of years ago. Alinsky advised Radicals to constantly exaggerate the pain that still exists (i.e., “systemic racism”) in order to make everyone uncomfortable and weak. This sort of thinking led to Critical Race Theory, an excuse for bringing up slavery at every opportunity.

The early paradigm is Joseph Stalin, the ruthless predatory czar of Communist Russia. He agitated in the 1930s for the United States to spin off a black-only state. The plan was to give Mississippi to the descendants of enslaved black citizens. This new state would secede from the US, creating lots of embarrassment, financial loss, and other problem for Americans. And all this devastation would cost the Russians nothing.

Let’s everybody take a reality check. If you think Joseph Stalin cared even one kopec about black people in Mississippi, then you are already a useful idiot. Stalin did not care about anybody except Stalin. Similarly, if you think Communists now care about Race Theory critical or otherwise, then ditto.

Let’s reflect on what defines the Communist personality. The prototypical Commie is relentless, ruthless, and manipulative. They get up every day trying to figure out how to hurt anybody in their way.

Their goal is to create millions of useful idiots with lots of laments and queasiness. That’s one reason why they undermine the teaching of American History. Communists want everybody to be a blank slate on which any lies can be written. If students are told that people used to fly, this would be believed because students know nothing else.

It’s good to be cynical when dealing with these strange people who call themselves Communists. My impression is they want to hurt you for the simplest reason of all. You might some day be an obstacle. Why take the chance? The Cambodian Communists had a great line to explain their hostility toward most people. “Alive, you are nothing to us. Dead, you’re no loss.” That’s what they said as they murdered one-third of their countrymen.

Indeed, FBI informant Larry Grathwohl was in meetings in the 1970s with members of the Weather Underground to discuss the likely necessity of killing 25 million Americans. Why? Because these people would probably not fit in with the new America.

Searing contempt, that’s probably the main theme in the Communist personality. Leaders in Moscow disdained the rural Russians, people so stupid they could be killed or manipulated, i.e., they were useful idiots. Bertrand Russell, a world-famous mathematician, wrote a short book about his trip to Moscow in 1920 to interview Lenin. Russell noted that the Communist dictator took sick pleasure in pitting rich peasants (Kulaks) against poor peasants. Normal people would not think of exploiting this small gap. After all, they’re all peasant farmers. But Kulaks were the best farmers. When they were eliminated or lost their farms, Russia was no longer able to feed itself. Food had to be imported from other European countries.

At the beginning of World War II, Hitler and Stalin agreed to split up Poland. Each could kill the VIPs in his half. It had to be done. Some crazy old aristocrats might try to save their country. Better to squash these people early on.

There is a famous fable about a scorpion and a frog. The frog doesn’t want to carry the scorpion across the river because it might sting the frog. The scorpion objects, “No, no. If I hurt you, I would drown myself.” So the frog ferries the scorpion….until the scorpion abruptly stings the frog. “Why,” the frog moans, “did you do that?” The scorpion answers, “That’s my nature. You know I can’t help myself.” Many people think that story is about Communists.

Communism shows us a dark streak in the Russian character. We see clearly the nasty Bolshevik personality. These political gangsters pushed aside Alexander Kerensky’s genuine socialist revolution, carried out in the spring of 1917 but undermined and destroyed by the fall of 1917. The Communists waged a brutal smackdown against any remaining pockets of resistance. Lenin sent execution squads through the country to get rid of anybody who might resist.

Keep in mind that our schools have hardly wanted to teach any history at all for many years. But the New York Times found something that really fascinates them, the introduction of slavery in the 1600s. The danger now is that students won’t be allowed to read anything else. The goal is elemental, make Americans feel guilty and uncomfortable so they will give up. We need to teach more history, not less. We need to teach honest history, not Howard Zinn history. (Summary: the Times wants to pretend that slavery is the essential fact of American History. I think a good case can be made that, without slaves, everything would have evolved along the same lines except there wouldn’t be so many large plantations with fancy mansions. And we wouldn’t have to fight the very ruinous Civil War in order to abolish slavery. See, it’s better for this country if we never saw a slave.)

It’s good to remember that Karl Marx proposed a mechanistic theory of history. Certain developments would inevitably and necessarily happen. Industrial countries would get rich; poor workers would revolt; and Communist paradises would be inaugurated. Of course, none of this could happen in poor agrarian countries such as Russia, China, or Cambodia! So everything that Communists did in Marx’s name was basically a hoax. Every official justification for what the Communists did was a distraction from reality and thus a cover-up.

What have the Commies accomplished after one hundred years? It seems that the people at the top–-vicious Commies seeking world conquest—have all the power. The lower people are useful idiots or else.

But these totalitarians are steady. They don’t take vacations. While you’re watching TV, they’re working to control what you see on your TV. They’re figuring out how to wreck your neighborhood. They’re finalizing plans to overthrow what you thought was a stable government.

Meanwhile, they’re crippling the school system by the simple device of eliminating everything that schools used to think worthy of teaching. This is a vital first step, where they create useful idiots.

Bruce Deitrick Price’s new book is: Saving K-12 – What happened to our public schools? How do we fix them?© Bruce Deitrick Price




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