Democrat Warns About Vaccine Passports

LFC Comments: This should shock and scare you. Here is a response from a Willoughby lobbyist about this video. We agree 100% with the statements.


Vaccine Passports & the Control Grid

Written by: A Willoughby lobbyist
June 14, 2021

This is a special request for distribution and an open letter.   I am interested in a variety of topics.  But, upon much reflection I believe that Vaccine Passports are the hill we all need to be willing to die on.  We need to put it in front of our other areas of activism.  If we do not stop vaccine passports–a digital trap that will imprison us– then everything will stop for us.   We will be trapped. ESG’s, together with vaccine passports, are the CONTROL GRID.  Vaccine Passports are the control grid for individuals.   ESG’s are the control grid for companies to force them to go “Woke” and much more.   We can stop VP’s if we can get all hands on deck now.”

President Clinton’s former advisor, Naomi Wolf, explains exactly how Vaccine Passports  entrap us into a slavery system run by Big Tech and Wall Street who have been selling us out to China (since that is where they can expand their markets).

Send your Democratic friends her link.   They will know who she is.  Get them engaged in the battle for freedom with us.  

Wolf  also shows us how to defeat this at the state level with talking points on this and other freedom concerns.   See her website the Daily Clout. 




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