Open Letter to Ohio House Health Committee on HB 248

Written by Esther David, Willoughby Hills, Ohio
June 16, 2021

Dear Ohio House Health Committee,

90 corporate boards recently wrote you in opposition of HB248—Enact Choice and Anti-Discrimination Act. They stated that they represent 1.7 million Ohioans.  The truth is that they represent the politically-motivated and conflicted boards of those organizations. For instance, Elizabeth E. Tallet sits on the board of Anthem, which is located in Indiana not Ohio.   She is also currently on the board of Moderna, the vaccine maker.

Another Anthem board member, Bahija Jallal, is also the Executive VP of AstraZeneca, yet another vaccine maker and lives in Maryland not Ohio.[min]=

Corporate board members play musical chairs, with overlapping boards of directors – the same people rotate through. For instance, R. Kerry Clark is currently on the board of Blue Cross Blue Shield.  He was previously on the board of Cardinal Health.  Mr. Clark is also a Canadian citizen.  Do we want foreign citizens having more clout with the legislature than actual citizen of Ohio?   Moreover, do we want corporate boards with clear monetary conflicts of interest dictating policy to the people of Ohio?

No corporate board can make the claim that they represent all their employees or all their customers. That is absurd!   We need legislators to represent individual citizens, not corporations that have enabled a Governor to act like a King issuing edicts.   If corporate boards represented employees, then we would not see hospital employees suing their employers over Covid19 vaccine mandates.

For instance, over 100 employees at Methodist Hospital in Texas sued the hospital after it required that all employees take a Covid-19 injection.  Their lawsuit states that:  “Methodist Hospital is forcing its employees to be human ‘guinea pigs’ as a condition for continued employment.”  The employees wrote that the hospital’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate “requires the employee to subject themselves to medical experimentation as a prerequisite to feeding their families.” 

Here is an article about the lawsuit:

Here is the lawsuit: 

The CDC recognizes that the Covid-19 injections are all experimental, and they are listed allowed only under an emergency exemption.  Covid-19 injections were tested for efficacy, but not for safety.  Skipping the standard, lengthy safety testing IS what allowed them to be fast-tracked.   Until they have had the 2-year testing the FDA normally required of vaccines before distribution, it is a misrepresentation to speak of them as approved, safe vaccines.  They are approved only for experimental use.

This is highlighted by the fact that mRNA technology used in 2 of these drugs, have never before been used on human beings in any context. Medical professionals know this, which is why many of them are NOT taking the vaccines and are appalled that they are being asked to promote them to both children and pregnant women.       
The medical corporate board signatories all knew, after just a few months of virus spread outside China, that far less than 1% of those infected with SARS-COV2 were dying from Covid19.  Early on they knew that children and young people who got the disease suffered a near-zero fatality rate, and that lethality was concentrated in the elderly – and often exacerbated by government shutdown policies that affected group housing in nursing homes. 

Yet, together with the Governor, many of the signatories of this letter helped stampede our state into draconian lockdowns that destroyed businesses and livelihoods, stressing individuals and families in unprecedented ways that caused suicide rates to shoot up.

Most of these corporations supported the 14-day quarantines, which amounted to solitary confinement for many people, leading to suicide for some. They supported keeping children out of school for months on end, creating depression, parental loss of employment, and a loss of over 1-years’ worth of educational instruction.

These corporate signatories seem blind to the harm they helped cause.

They say we should trust them again when they contend that the legislation “Threatens the stability of our economy as it recovers from a devastating pandemic.” The economic damage over the past 16 months has indisputably come from the government-enforced shutdowns, at the behest of these medical officials, not from any disease.  In fact, even hospitals suffered economically as patients with “elective procedures” were forced to stay away.  This meant that patients with painful gallbladder stones were forced to wait for months to have surgery, and individuals with cancer went undiagnosed – all uncounted costs of shut-down.

These are the same people who say that “business owners should each retain the right to make their own determinations about what is best” concerning the bodies of their employees and their customers.  Of course, they are thinking primarily of THEIR corporate “right”.  

From where do businesses derive any “right” to vet their clientele or patrons, or even employees?  Isn’t this discrimination?  The Bill of Rights is written to preserve the rights of citizens to their papers, persons, and property.  A ‘Bill of Rights For Corporations’ might exist; if so, it is certainly a U.N. or Communist document.  It has no place in a free America.

The corporate signatories complain that the legislation is broad and “applies to All Immunizations, including childhood immunizations.” The legislation does nothing to hinder or discourage individuals from being vaccinated for any disease upon advice of their personal physician. It just prevents outside parties – who have no specific right to enquire or direct health decisions of all persons who interact with it – from requiring such, or its documentation.

Therein lies the dilemma. Who owns our bodies? These groups and corporations claim that “businesses should retain the right” to control what we do to our bodies. Many of these same corporate boardrooms proudly proclaim that a woman has a right to kill her own baby, but apparently a “woman’s right over her body” does not seem to extend to situations involving vaccines and experimental injections.

Many of these same institutions until very recently viewed gender dysphoria as a treatable mental illness. Today they recognize the “right” of a confused 13 year-old to decide that they were born into the body of the wrong sex, so that these medical professionals can make money via surgery by cutting off the child’s genitals. 

All of these medical institutions take a baby at birth, and treat it like a pincushion by injecting numerous vaccines.  And yet all medical professionals will acknowledge that a newborn does not have its own fully functional immune system, as this develops over the first years.  It remains unclear what benefits such early vaccination confers other than guaranteeing the pharmaceutical industry with a steady income.

In short, this legislation is written, in large part, because people outside (and even inside) of the medical professions simply no longer trust the corporatized medical establishment, the pharmaceutical industry, or politicians to make medical decisions for them.  HB248 seeks to restore health rights to the people and away from those organizations that claim to represent “millions”.

The millions would prefer to decide for themselves, thank you!

Ohioans cannot know that the next declared pandemic won’t create the same hysteria and overreach that this illness has caused.  When that day comes, a new experimental vaccine(s) may be proposed and mandated.  Thus, the bill’s language must be broad.  Lawmakers can’t be clairvoyant and know today the name of some future vaccine.

The lessons we learned with the hysterical response to this disease is that the natural impulse of many politicians, combined with our medical and education establishment, is to act centrally. This amounts to a power-grab that could easily grow into a medical dictatorship. To that end, this legislation, takes steps to make sure that we do not end up with a soviet “papers please” lifestyle. 

Lest you find that crazy, consider that New York City and Israel have both adopted the Excelsior vaccine ‘passport’ system that conditions entry into grocery stores, restaurants, bars, events, airlines, and stores. This has created a two-tiered caste system and discrimination in employment for the unvaccinated.

IBM created the Excelsior cell phone software for the vaccine passport. They also created the punch card computer system used by Hitler to track Jews. It appears that Satan has left us his calling card.  

Something non-medical is in the works. Perhaps, as Christians fear, planned cyber attacks or another disease will be used to usher in a new digital financial system that restricts what one can buy or sell – in the same way that the Chinese Social Credit system already does. This no longer seems far-fetched. 

Former Clinton Advisor:  Mandatory Vaccine Passport Could Lead to “End of Human Liberty in the West”

The Australian Prime Minister says vaccine passport certificates will be in digital cashless payment wallets in July.

Bill Gates’ Microsoft funds Digital ID2020, which promotes embedded chips as part of a global identity tracking system.

Klaus Schwab speaking on behalf of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset project, has also advocated mandatory global health passes using implanted microchips under the skin.

We want to preserve freedom. If it comes with some costs, then so be it. We have already lost too much freedom at the hands of those who say they know better. We believe that individuals, talking to those physicians that they trust, should make their own medical decisions, and that those decisions are private medical information that should be disclosed only under specific circumstances where a compelling case can be made for disclosure (e.g., school enrollment).   

The bill does nothing to hinder or discourage individuals from being vaccinated for any disease upon advice of their personal physician. It just prevents outside parties from requiring such, or its documentation.   

Esther David
Willoughby Hills, Ohio,  


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