Graphene Oxide…and 5G

LFC Comments by Brian Massie: Our new contributor Joan River has provided her insight to why graphene oxide has been placed in the Covid-19 shots, test swabs, surgical masks and flu vaccines.


Why Are They Putting Toxic Substance in the Covid-19 Shot?

Written by: Joan River
July 20, 2021

The most important take-aways about the graphene oxide injections(and exposure to graphene oxide in PCR test swabs, surgical facemasks, and flu vaccines, is that  the body will eliminate graphene oxide naturally within about 6 months’ time(as long as the detoxification pathways are functioning), and that inexpensive natural supplements, N-Acetylcysteine, Zinc, Quercetin and Vitamin D will all boost the levels of glutathione(the body’s major antioxidant) and facilitate the elimination of graphene oxide from the body.

It is encouraging to know that there is hope for those who have unwittingly allowed themselves to have this toxic substance injected into their bodies, and for those who have eschewed the C19 injection but have been exposed to graphene oxide in PCR test swabs, surgical masks, and flu vaccines.

La Quinta Columna plans to test other vaccines for the presence of graphene oxide, but for now all we know is that both the C19 injections and the flu vaccines contain graphene oxide.

Knowing that the body eliminates graphene oxide in approximately 6 months’ time may explain why there is talk of requiring “booster shots” every 6 months, because if the intention is to control people via the 5G interaction with graphene oxide, the graphene oxide levels would need to be maintained.

If it’s true, and I think it is, that the graphene oxide interacts with the 5G electromagnetic frequency, it would behoove people who have received the C19 injection to begin supplementing with the aforementioned supplements prior to the roll-out of 5G which may happen in the fall.




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