CDC – master manipulators of the truth

Written by Mary Pruitt / July 29, 2021

Anyone paying attention to the CDC PCR testing mandates, KNEW IN ADVANCE, this attack on unvaccinated was coming via planned manipulation of PCR testing data.

The CDC methodically segregated the PCR testing protocols to show lower numbers of positive cases for vaccinated and higher numbers of unvaccinated. I verified their changes when it first was announced in May. The CDC did not hide it. It was on their website, albeit you have to really dig to find it. (2) (3)

I knew this was coming. If you didn’t know, why not? Do you not care that the tests are refused by CDC for vaccinated if they are not hospitalized or die? The CDC accepts covid positive tests for those not hospitalized or die if they are unvaccinated.

Do you not care if the CDC doesn’t accept cycle thressholds higher than 28 for vaccinated in hospitals or die, but they do accept positives for tests with cycle thressholds higher than 28 for unvaccinated in hospital or die? (2)

Do you not care they are ONLY looking for tests results for unvaccinated? (3) Why would they do that? It is “clear as day” why they did that. Just look at what the mainstream propaganda tools are spewing. Now they can claim a “pandemic caused by unvaccinated” (4). After all, their data (manipulated) shows it.

Of course, who will question this data? Will doctors or scientists question this? After all, these life long doctors and scientists would get smeared and fired if they speak out. (5, 6, 7, 8) If you had a big mortgage with 3 kids and rely on your hospitalist, university or corporation that receives FEDERAL FUNDING, would YOU speak out in this day of censorship and propaganda by big tech and propagandist oligarchy media? Nope. You have too much to lose and nowhere else to go for a job. Doctors and scientists no longer are free from the controlling arm of federal funded employers. (9, 10)

We hear Silence, except by some brave, courageous, humane, bold and critically important people willing to risk it all. And many have paid the price for their courage to dissent from the disinformation by our propagandist controlled government.

Due to the massive chinese style authoritarian censorship mainstream bubble we are under, only alternative media holds the truth these days. Alternative media are the purveyors of a TRUE FREE PRESS AND ARE 1ST AMENDMENT PROTECTORS. Unfortunately, many people just do not want to be labelled derogatory names, by the bully mainstream and leftist populace, by using alternative media. They go along to get along.

CDC director Walensky is verifiably a political agent instigating a CRIMINALLY FALSE medical picture (aka DISINFORMATION) to the very CENSORED, CONTROLLED AND PROPAGANDA VICTIMS in our world. This is why people do not know. Unless you spend time like I do (I have no life!), digging into what should not be reality. It is unfathomable that test parameters are uniformly segregated to purposely produce specific results against unvaccinated(2,3)). But, terrifyingly so, it is a reality. All thanks to criminal people like Director Walensky and her cohorts.

In truth and justice,
Mary Pruitt


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