CDC bullying the unvaccinated

Written by Mary Pruitt / July 29, 2021

The CDC Director Walensky is GUILTY of encouraging bullying of unvaccinated. She shows no shame in her FALSE witness to blame those with superior natural immunity (1, 2) for the immune escape that was easily predicted by any critically thinking person.

Some brave scientists were sounding alarms of how vaccinating the world during the pandemic would force the immune escape. These doctors SENSIBLY compared it to overuse of, or incomplete treatment with antibiotics which created antibiotic resistant bacteria. (3, 4) How simple to guess that if you inject millions across the world with vaccines that don’t actually kill a virus, then that virus will do what viruses do. They will survive by escaping the single spike protein vaccine. Vaccine Efficacy only meant that a fully vaccinated person had reduced chance for severe covid as indicated in FDA submittal by vaccine makers, not that the couldn’t get or transmit covid. Most people were never informed of this fact. (5)

Walensky and her bully pack, never intended for the middle class to return to normal. Instead, she is in love with her medical tyranny imposed on her subserviant population. (6)

As far as I am concerned, Walensky is guilty of crimes against humanity for encouraging the injection of all pregnant women and children with minimal data. (7) There is a reason vaccines take 10 years to roll out. You are injecting healthy people with a biologic. In this case, an experimental biologic with ZERO LONG TERM SAFETY DATA.

I am a firm believer that EVERY KNEE BOWS TO GOD IN THE END. As a Christian, I am to pray for my enemies. (8) But as a human, I find it hard to pray for people who put my unborn grandchild, and many in the world, in harm’s way.

In truth and justice,
Mary Pruitt









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