Let Us Share Some “Fan Mail”

We would like to take this opportunity to show you our first official piece of “Fan Mail”. We even shared this with the Lake County Commissioners:

What this “fan” does not realize is that government works for the citizens, and their records belong to the general public. This fact is acknowledged in the video by Mr. Dave Hackman, Assistant Lake County Prosecutor. By not signing the letter, the writer is definitely showing a lack of courage, low self esteem, and may be off her medication. (We urge you to get back on the medication for your sake.)

The Commissioners, the Prosecutor’s office and LakeTran acknowledge LFC as a media outlet, and we are definitely not a Political Action Committee as gently implied by the Lake County Board of Elections. We are constantly trying to improve our investigative reporting skills, and will continue to expose the lies, deceptions and betrayals we discover at all levels of government.

If the “Kabal” of the “Kool Kids Klub” in Lake County want to try to take down Lobbyists for Citizens on the first amendment issues, we welcome the challenge.

The return address of “106 Main Street” is a deception. The administration building is 105 Main Street. We do however agree with her placement of the flag stamp…our country is in distress!

You will have to excuse me, but I’m off to tilt a few more windmills…


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