Upcoming Protest at Ohio Governor’s Mansion


Please consider helping to get the word out about the upcoming protest on Tuesday, August 17th at the Governor’s Mansion located at: 358 N. Parkview Ave. Bexley, Ohio 43209

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On August 17th, the Governor and First Lady are throwing a ‘Summer Picnic’ for the State Republican Central Committee Members for the purpose of influencing DeWine’s endorsement for the September 11th, State Central Committee Meeting and to ensure that criminal charges are not brought up on David Johnson and Bob Paduchik for illegally funneling money to the DeWine campaign when he was not an endorsed candidate. 

“The Ohio Republican Party (ORP) has given the 2022 re-election campaign of Governor Mike DeWine (R-OH) $870,968 since January 1, 2021, despite the fact that DeWine has two announced primary challengers for the Republican gubernatorial nomination – former Congressman Jim Renacci (R-OH) and Joe Blystone.” Please see article at the Ohio Star

Keep in mind that the donations made to Mike DeWine were a deliberate deception that was intentionally hidden by the party elites. Bob Paduchik and David Johnson should have known better. At best – this is theft, and at worst, it is embezzlement. If the State Central Committee has any backbone at all, they will purge these two from the party and file charges. 

DeWine and Paduchick don’t seem to be sweating it, as they have invited the entire State Central Committee to a picnic to stroke their egos and pay them off. 
A protest is being organized on Tuesday, August 17th at the Governor’s Mansion.

We need Ohioans to show up in LARGE NUMBERS to: 
1) DEMAND Criminal charges be brought against Bob Paduchik & David Johnson!
2) DEMAND a State Convention be held to replace Bob Paduchik, Elect a New Chairman!
3) DEMAND they stop the fix to endorse DeWine!

Thank you!


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