Medical Boards Threatening Doctors…truth not allowed to be spoken

The Truth Ministry

Written by Mary Pruitt
August 9, 2021

A non profit organization called the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) is threatening all doctors with removal of medical licenses if anyone speaks outside of the official government narrative for the experimental biologics aka covid vaccines and/or Covid disease and/or early treatments of covid infection. (1)

Doctors are demanded to not share info of vaccine injuries nor any type of medically ethically and required “informed consent” to their patients or public. (1)

Informed consent means a doctor and/or nurse has informed of all POSSIBLE positive and negative consequences of a medical procedure. (2, 3) This FSMB organization is violating the rights of patients to have informed consent.

There is, in fact, misinformation/disinformation also shared by the CDC, NIH, state health departments, and other officials relating to SARSCOV2, natural immunity, and covid vaccine experiment. (4) Shall the FSMB go after them also? No? Why not? Are they above the same type of misinformation/disinformation reproach? (5)

It is a good thing that not all doctors will have the same thing to say. There is NO CONSENSUS in science. Lest we forget, there have been MANY instances of the popular scientific or medical belief system, that was EXTREMELY wrong, such as with Einstein, cigarettes advertised as healthy, Larry Marshall (pylori), thalidomide, vioxx, hand washing, etc (6, 7, 8)

Do not think, just because some may agree aggressively about their beliefs, that this makes them right. Unmanipulated data needs to be reviewed and shared to make the ascertations that are made. Science is best off having open debate and people are better off having actual choices of who they want to listen to.










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