Geauga Health Commissioner Quade Jumps the Shark

LFC Comments: Thanks to the patriots at for this article.

It appears that the Geauga Health Commissioner does not believe in freedom of choice. He also does not believe in liberty since he has adopted the tyrannical stance of not helping citizens if they do not comply with any government mandate to “take the jab”. We wonder if he is the type of individual that will support the FEMA camps to isolate the “unvaccinated”.

In our opinion, he is a threat to the freedom and liberty of Geauga residents, and should step down from his position. This is a natural consequence for his remarks against Geauga residents.



Sunday, August 15, 2021
by Jack Windsor |

Thanks to a lady from Strongsville for sharing this facebook post.

“Wow. This appears to be a post from the Geauga County Health Commissioner.”

“About 20 minutes after I shared a link, the post was removed. However, the screen grab is now below.”

“I think we’ve all been guilty a time or two of doing an “oops”(at least I know I have) and then pulling down the post. Looking at the page, however, there appears to be a consistent message.”


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