New Revelations on Campaign Contributions by ORP

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See State Central Committee Chairman, Bob Paduchik’s recent August 11th letter and Committee for A Better Ohio’s response.


Newly updated numbers from the Ohio Secretary of State from the Ohio Republican Party State Candidate Fund Expenditures.

1) $611,814.74 contributed to Dave Yost’s campaign
2) $370,967.68 contributed to Mike DeWine plus another $500,000 that DeWine reported separately on his contributions = $870.967.68
3) $55,229.58 to Keith Faber
4) $28,398.16 to Frank Larose5) $27,500.00 to Robert Sprague

Total given to 5 statewide candidates that have not been endorsed is $1,593,910.16.
DeWine got 55% of the pie
Yost got 38% of the pie
Faber got 3.4% of the pie
LaRose got 1.9% of the pie
Sprague got 1.7% of the pie

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