They insult Christianity once again!

Written by: Gregory Mertz of Citizens Go
August 20, 2021

Here is our latest petition in the face of a new offensive by movie producers and the bourgeois-bohemian elite who believe that attacking Christianity is edgy, radical and cool!

This time, it is not Netflix that is at work, but a Pathé production and its director Paul Verhoeven. Trailers for the film are being shown on several TV channels in France and it is reviewed in many international media publications thanks to its entry in the Cannes Film Festival which is currently underway.

The film which is nothing more than pornography, is loosely based on the life of a 17th century Catholic nun hailed as a mystic, but who seems to spend the majority of her life  indulging in many lesbian pornographic scenes with another young lesbian nun, Batolomea…

But that’s not all, this film is rated appropriate for teenagers while including scenes where the “nuns” indulge in sexual acts with a statuette of the Virgin Mary!

Sign now to make your outrage loud and clear to Pathé Films and demand Benedetta’s withdrawal.

Many scenes are not only shocking but also smear Catholicism yet again and attempt to normalize pornography  to as large an audience as possible, including vulnerable young teens. 

While this gratuitous hatred and blasphemy is blatant, almost no one seems bothered by it. While even harmless satirical depictions of Mohammed have provoked massive public outrage and accusations of “Islamophobia,” this open attack on Christianity has received no attention from “journalists,” politicians and “experts”. Had this film been attacking Islam, many members of the political and media commentariat would have been the first to denounce it for being insensitive or for whipping up hatred towards a religious minority.

Sign now to demand that Pathé Productions remove the offensive depictions of Christianity in Benetetta! They cannot ignore the public outrage and will be forced to respond!

Pathé Productions and their director went too far in this pornographic film by using a statuette of the Holy Virgin as a sexual object. At the Cannes Film Festival, temple of the liberal-libertarian elite, the public was divided. “It was one of the worst movies of my life…I thought it was a movie made by men for men. A kind of pornographic film hyper-disturbing.” or again, “I did not expect such violent scenes. It’s very raw” and this was in the Huffington Post which is very far from being considered conservative…

Even the very left-leaning Guardian noted “Verhoeven just presents us with the raunchiness, using the religiosity as set dressing.” We cannot continue to stand idly by, when billions of faithful are insulted in this way and when the media, the art world and the cinema are attacking one and only one religion, Christianity! 

Are you as appalled as I am?

Sign now to let Pathé Production know that you are appalled by its decision to produce a film featuring pornographic scenes with “lesbian nuns”?

Sincerely, Gregory Mertz and the entire CitizenGO Team

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