Current FDA director has a history of poor judgment

Written by: Mary Pruitt
August 24, 2021

The FDA, CDC, NIH and medical community are making the same errors today as they did with the opioid epidemic. It is unfathomable why the FDA has bypassed safety clinical trials to push the vaccines. They truly are passing them early so that private companies will now force their employees to get the clot shots. The law forbade countries from requiring a medical experiment to be forced on people. So the FDA relinquished their regulatory duty, by pre approving the vaccine, without proper time passage for long term safety just for political expediency. (1,2)

Dr Janet Woodcock, current new Director of FDA appointed by Biden in Jan 2021, had made an early approval of oxycontin. She was accused of making the pharmaceutical companies her priority. (3, 4) Pain was pushed as the 5th vital sign and all practitioners were harassed by regulators if they did not treat pain. (5)

As a result of this quickened approval, Dr Janet Woodcock, may very well succeed in killing far more than all the years combined of the opioid epidemic. Especially if the vaccination breakthroughs are from antibody dependent enhancement (ADE). (6)

Bypassing longterm safety of these vaccines will not fix vaccine hesitancy, but I think they know that. They just want to FORCE people to get vaccinated. Approving it makes it so they will not be legally upheld by the Nuremburg Code. Can they get away with that? Can the FDA bypass long term safety protocols to avoid prosecution due to forced experimentation? (7) Seems Biden chose the right person to be Director since she performed without proper protocols with the early approval of oxycontin and other drugs. History to repeat itself at the hands of these same people. (8)









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