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LFC Comments: We received the following article from Joan River dealing with vaccines, and herd immunity.


Dear Brian:

A strange thing happened in 2021.

We stopped relying on Natural Immunity to provide protection to ‘the herd’ and introduced a new concept that Herd Immunity is only achievable through vaccination.

Then –  because of public outcry over the inexplicable change in the definition of Herd Immunity by the WHO, we went back to giving Natural Immunity some credence, but clung to the notion that Vaccine-induced Immunity could contribute to Herd Immunity.

Hmm… sounds political; not scientific to me. 

Actually, as far as I know, vaccines have always only been able to provide partial and temporary immunity, if any immunity at all.

That is because vaccines bypass the natural route of microbial entry into the body, which is the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth.
Once this natural route of exposure to a microbe occurs, the body’s innate immune system begins its process, and then usually at around the three week mark, the adaptive immune system develops specific antibodies against the microbe. 

Here is an explanation of Innate Immunity and Adaptive Immunity:
Innate and Adaptive immunity represent two different arms of the immune system that work together in host defense.

Innate Immunity (natural/native):
• Provides immediate protection from infection.
• Is broadly specific to microbes and tissue damage products.
• Does not change in response to reinfection (non-adaptive)
• Initiates processes that lead to activation of adaptive immune responses.

Adaptive Immunity (specific/acquired):
• Appears to adapt to a variety of non-self components (acquired)
• Is highly specific to a particular molecule “antigen”
• Responses upon reinfection are faster, better and stronger (memory)
• Generates proteins and cells that enhance innate immune function.

Vaccines can only produce antibodies. And even then, some people, called non-responders, don’t ever develop antibodies.

And can you ever remember your doctor checking to see if you ever developed antibodies against the microbe you were vaccinated against?
Did you ever return to the doctor to have a lab test to determine whether or not your immune system produced the antibodies?

So because of the fact that vaccines can’t provide both innate and adaptive immunity, the vaccine-induced immunity is not robust enough to create the highly prized and sought after Herd Immunity.

But somehow, in 2021 we are being told that the only way to achieve Herd Immunity is through vaccination.

This article should be read by every Doctor,
every Federal Health Agency,
every County Commissioner,
every State Health Department,
every County Health Department,
every Mayor,
every Governor,
every Business owner,
every School administration,
every Corporation,
and by every person who is considering submitting to one of the C19 injections:

The World Health Organization Oversold the Vaccine and Deprecated Natural Immunity
                   BY JEFFREY A. TUCKER   AUGUST 29, 2021  


– Joan


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