Class Action Lawsuit Against Taking the Jab

Subject: For anyone being forced to get the jab

ToRe’s CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT – Against Mandating the Vaxx🔥🔥
Now through September 7, 2021!

This is for ANYONE who wishes to stand up for our Constitutional rights and against the unConstitutional vax mandates. This doesn’t just tie in with the DOD letters. This can be shared with your friends and family and others who’ve been fighting schools, employers, cities and counties, etc. This is a class action suit through Tore directly.

If you and your friends and family are interested in being part of the Class Action Law Suit against the Biden admin re: vaxx mandates, please send an email to using #ClassActionSuit as the subject & with the list of your name(s) & physical address(es) in the body of the email   *PLEASE DO NOT ADD THE LIST AS AN ATTACHMENT. ONLY INCLUDE IT IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL*

Do not send your names and addresses to the admins directly and do not post as comments in our chat, use the email address above instead.

We’ll collect “signatures” until September 7th….. Remember, there will still be steps that need to be taken once the names are collected. The 7th is a week before the mandate goes into effect on the 15th & a week from now.  Should give us enough time on both ends.

‼️Please note that any info being sent via email will only be used for the Class Action Suit & will not be shared or retained for other reasons.


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