Are most U.S. doctors afraid to tell the truth?

Are U.S. Doctors Afraid?

Written by: Mary Pruitt
September 7, 2021

In the following letter to the UK COVID mitigation leaders, 130 Medical signatories were brave to stand up. (1)

In the USA, I see very few doing the same. Are they censored and smeared? (2) Are they afraid? (3) Are they brainwashed? (4) Are they greedy? (5) I am flabberghasted by the ease with which they accept the unacceptable. (6) I know their licenses are threatened. (7) However, I also know that many are just easily swayed to do more harm to all public medical and mental health, than good, via harmful COVID mitigation practices. (8) I believe it is because it is far EASIER to “go with the flow” of the medical tyrannical diktat, than to dissent. After all, a doctor will lose everything they worked hard for by telling a patient that there are:

● early treatment options, like for ALL INFECTIONS; (9)

● reported deaths and severe injuries that may be associated with the covid vaccines; (10, 11, 12)

● underreporting adverse events is common likely due to time ot takes and complexity. (13)

● there are unknown long term effects of covid vaccines; (14)

● mask mitigation may be an infection fomite; (15)

● lockdowns are harmful to the public; (16)

Any one of these forbidden statements to their patients or to the public, can be used to fire them, smear them, or take their license away. The conspiratorial consortium of the erroneously named “TRUSTED NEWS INITIATIVE”, (the State Sponsored Press run by Father of Covid Fauci and friends) is a “covid fact checking” media blitz against free thought and free scientific or medical debate.

What would you do if your employer resources, your family and your livelihood was reliant on you sticking to the state sponsored “myth vs facts” brainwashing allowable talking points? (17) It is not so easy to lose everything. But, we can surely see how totalitarian dictators can come to rise in societies willing to hand over their critically thinking brains, for the safety of their current position in life.

In truth,

Mary Pruitt



















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