Madison Local School Board Special Meeting…9/7/21…update 9/9/21

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, Director

We attended a special meeting of the Lake County, Ohio Madison Local School Board. The main issue was to decide if they would modify the “Return to Learn Plan” to include mandatory masking in all district buildings for students, staff and visitors through November 23, 2021, at such time the Board will meet to review the plan.

There was a spirited discussion with parents on both sides of the issue expressing their concerns to the school board members. It is this writer’s opinion that the majority of the estimated 100 taxpayers in attendance wanted the parents to decide what is in the best interests of their child, and therefore, supported optional wearing of face masks.

The final vote was to modify the “Return to Learn Plan”, therefore mask wearing will be mandatory, at least until November 23, 2021.

Voting to make masks optional: Douglas, Haury,
Voting to make masks mandatory: Hayes, Sency, Horvath

Revised video of Madison School Board meeting reflecting Mr. Horvath’s “Yes” vote for mandatory wearing of masks.

[We thank Mr. Douglas for correcting us. We originally thought we heard Mr. Horvath vote No.]

In fact, we were had to go back and review the portion of the video dealing with Mr. Horvath’s vote. Although not a very committed, resounding “Yes” vote, it was a “Yes” vote. We cut out the portion of the video dealing strictly with Mr. Horvath’s comments, and his verbal “Yes” vote.

LFC message to Mr. Horvath – those that are willing to trade their freedom for safety, security, or “consistency”, will eventually have neither freedom, safety, security or “consistency”.


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