Judeo – Christian Patriotic Rally Held September 4, 2021

Presidents Abraham Lincoln and George Washington paid a visit to the Judeo-Christian Patriotic Rally held in Painesville on Sept. 4 — or at least, their lookalikes did. Played by historical impersonators John W. King, left, and Dale Fellows, the founding fathers were one of the highlights of the rally. Organized by the Heritage Club of Northeast Ohio, the faith-focused rally gathered in Veterans’ Park in downtown Painesville for an afternoon of learning about the history of Christianity in the United States, live music and concessions. Attendees also heard from elected officials including Lake County Commissioner John Plecnik.

Sheena Holland Dolan – The News-Herald / September 5, 2021

Photo courtesy of the News-Herald

LFC was pleased to be part of Hal Werner’s Heritage Club Judeo – Christian Rally held on September 4, 2021 at the Veterans Park in Painesville, Ohio.

Here are some videos that we created from the event.

Lake County Commissioner John Hamercheck:

Lake County Commissioner John Plecnik:

Lake County Clerk of Courts Faith Andrews:

Lake County Treasurer Mike Zuren:

Free Ohio Now Director Tom Hach:

Jim Renacci, candidate for Governor of the State of Ohio:

Abby Beiter sings the National Anthem –

God Bless America…Amazing Grace…how sweet it is…unending love…Amazing Grace…
Patriot Leonard Gilbert…shining light into the darkness of existing church doctrine

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