Mentor Schools Going “Woke”, Our Nation Going Broke

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, Director:
We are publishing the following comments received from a very concerned Mentor resident and Mother. The continued destruction of the family and morality is taking place in the Mentor schools. We are coming to the conclusion that if the current trend of liberal “Wokeness” is not abated, the possibility of saving our nation are down to some very disturbing choices.

We are funding our own demise with the payment of property taxes to public schools.


Written by: A Mentor Citizen and Mother / September 13, 2021

You can find the Mentor political agendas not in this email that I have already sent to [name redacted] at and here: 

The items in this email are recent updates that further push the liberal agenda.    Below are updates that need to be made to that link. 

1- First, Adam Dudziak (he is already mentioned in the Mentor link) had a campaign manager Chrstine Henninger when he was running for Ohio House of Representatives.  She is now running for Mentor Board of Education.  She is being endorsed by him.  has all the information for proof of when she was his campaign manager.   Also I have included a screenshot of her and him from the article next to the liberal sign.  


2- I know I already provided you the betterlessons CRT 6 hour training the teachers took but attached are the payouts that have been payed to betterlessons. $229,000 total was sent to Betterlessons since January.  Screenshots are attached from the Mentor financial records. 

This is where we found the financials:


3- Brandon Towns, also a Mentor Board of Education Candidate, who was mentioned as running the Mentor Racial Justice Week page, recently wrote a PRO CRT article in the Democratic LakeView Magazine.  A screen shot of that article is included that was taken from his Mentor Racial Justice Week page. 


4- I attached the pronoun questionnaire that was asked of Mentor High School students the first couple days of class this year.  They were  ONLY sent to the students and not the parents.  It is a pronoun questionnaire asking what pronoun they’d like to go by. 


5- AP Government class at Mentor High is using a book that is FILLED with political agendas.  Look at these pro blm and anti trump pictures from the government class book! 


6- Lastly, just yesterday the elementary Mentor Schools online art teacher Jacqui Spetrino assigned the attached “virtual portrait” and gave this image as her example.  Clearly you see political jargon all over and a big giant rainbow coming out of a Black Lives Matter sign.  This was directed to elementary school children.  This is also the art teacher at Ridge Elementary school in Mentor.


I think I covered it all for now.  Thank you for all you do! These agendas have no place in school! The only thing I haven’t heard about yet in Mentor is the comprehensive sex ed.  I am keeping my eyes peeled for that! 

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