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Ohio State Representative Nino Vitale’s (R-Urbana) District 85

Exposing the lies, deceptions and betrayals of many Republican state lawmakers.

Written by: Nino Vitale
September 12, 2021

Today, I signed what is called a discharge petition to support medical freedom and to STOP this medical tyranny we are under with so-called vaccines, vaccine mandates and the like.

I believe it is your right and choice to make the best medical decision for you. If you want to take a vaccination, it is your choice to do so. But NO ONE, especially the government, has the right to force you or fine you or ask for your medical passport or jail you if you do not.

Many of you have heard of HB 248. It is a short, 4-page, 88-line bill and I will summarize it in 3 short bullets:

1. Prohibits any public or private entity from mandating, requesting or requiring vaccinations.
2. Prohibits vaccine status discrimination.
3. You cannot be forced to wear a mask because you are unvaccinated.

What does a “discharge petition” do?
It forces HB 248 to the floor for a public vote. Many of you hear from your reps and they TELL you that they support medical freedom. I know for a FACT that those SAME REPS work in the background to stop this type of legislation. They talk out of both sides of their mouths, or–let’s call a spade a spade – they LIE.

This discharge petition brings the bill to the floor for an immediate public vote if 50 representatives sign the discharge petition. They can no longer hold up the bill in committee, it is discharged to the floor. This is really what we need more of–public votes.

So much happens in the background where things are stalled or stopped. You are told by your representative or senator that they support something, when in fact, I have seen many of those people be a key part of a team stalling or killing legislation that they say they support.

I have had enough of the lies.

I fully support more public votes on ALL issues. And if the bill fails, so be it, you now know where your rep. stands. When things are brought to the floor for a public vote, it forces the liars to make a decision, in the light of day, rather than continue their sabotage while lying to their district.

I urge you to call (and email) but CALL your representative and tell them, SIGN THE DISCHARGE for HB 248. We need 50 out of 99 representatives to sign this and you know ZERO of the Democrats will sign it. There are 65 republicans and I assure you, MANY of them DO NOT want to sign this, because they don’t support you.

They are part of the government machine. If your representative is UNWILLING to sign, you know where they stand–with the cabal and not with you and your medical freedom as a citizen.

I found out about this discharge petition late Friday and changed my entire schedule around to drive to Columbus on Monday, today, to sign this. YES, I think it’s that important that your government PROTECT your freedom, not force you to take medicines and magic elixirs when you really have no clue what’s truly in them.

CALL 614-466-4308 and they will connect you to your representative.

**EDIT**Many are reporting the above number ringing busy. Click the link and go DIRECT to your rep’s office. They all have direct numbers.**END EDIT**

You can also go to:
Put in your address or zip and CALL.

Don’t just send an email. Pick up the phone, be charitable but direct and tell your representative you want them to sign the HB 248 Discharge Petition NOW and you want a public vote. Email is great, but CALL. Don’t wait!

REMEMBER, CALL 614-466-4308 and nicely demand your medical freedom and ask your representative to SIGN THE DISCHARGE PETITION for HB 248.

“I want government so small you can barely see it and so efficient you barely have to pay for it.” – Nino Vitale


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