Congressman Gonzalez throws in the towel in re-election bid

Strongsville GOP Leads Effort To Force Gonzalez To Quit His Failing Re-election Bid

Strongsville, Ohio

On February 8th, The Strongsville GOP was the first organization to stand united against the unthinkable actions taken by Congressman Anthony Gonzalez and call on him to resign.

Last night, Gonzalez took to twitter to announce that he was quitting his failing bid for re-election. Every single Strongsville GOP member should stand tall today knowing that their hard work contributed significantly to his departure from the race.

The 16th district is a better place now that there is an opportunity to conduct the important conversation about the future of our district without the toxic presence of the #BetrayalCaucus member, Anthony Gonzalez in the race.

Statement by Shannon Burns, President of Strongsville GOP: “The members of Strongsville GOP were steadfast in their opposition to Anthony Gonzalez after he voted to impeach our sitting President with no proof and no due process. In the end, Congressman Gonzalez realized that without the support of the base of the party represented by Strongsville GOP and in the face of the Trump endorsement of Max Miller, he had no pathway to victory in the Republican Primary.”

Anthony Gonzalez on January 13th 2021, betrayed his Constituents, The 400+ Strongsville GOP Membership and it’s thousands of Followers when he voted with Nancy Pelosi and The Democrats in their unconstitutional pursuit to impeach President Trump, without fact and without due process and side with Leftist, Anti-American Democrats.  Traitorous Gonzalez resorted to emotional conclusions that misplaced blame on the President of Law and Order and America First policies.

Gonzalez’s decision, whether shaped by Democrat rhetoric and coercion or his belief that he could lead the post Trump Republican Party – was misguided and antithetical to the will of his Conservative and America First loving district constituents.

The Strongsville GOP stepped into a national leadership role to unanimously call for a vote of no confidence and the resignation of Anthony Gonzalez on February 8th, 2021. The Strongsville GOP could not take a weak approach to addressing Gonzalez’s turn-coat actions. So, with the overwhelming support of our 16th District community- The Strongsville GOP set-up to remove Anthony Gonzalez from office.

Our leadership on the issue prompted the Ohio Republican Party in May to also pass a vote of no confidence and call on the resignation of Congressman Gonzalez.
We now turn to the future as we elect a Strong, America First, Constitutional Conservative to represent the 16th Ohio District in Congress in the November 2022 Mid-term Election.

The Strongsville GOP Board
Media Contact:
Shannon Burns, President 440-263-2915


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