Riverside School Board Makes Masks Optional…updated 9/18/21

LFC Comments by Brian Massie / September 17, 2021

I attended the Riverside School Board meeting last night because there was going to be a vote on whether or not wearing a mask was mandatory by students and all others in the school building.

The vote was 3 – 2 to make mask optional at Riverside schools. Belinda Grassi and Jack Miley voted to make the wearing of masks mandatory.

For the record, Jack Miley, Belinda Grassi and Jennifer Harden are on the November ballot for re-election to the school board.

Here are the Board Members, and how they voted on this issue.

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School Board Members

There were a lot of citizens that spoke for and against the mask mandate. We chose a few on each side of the issue to report to our readers. If anyone has a particular speaker they would like to hear, please send an email to lobbyistsforcitizens@gmail.com and we will try to post that particular segment.

Here is a video of couple of citizens that were for the mask mandates:

Update 0/18/21: YouTube has removed the video showing the proponents of mandatory masks in the school district because “YouTube does not allow content that spreads medical misinformation that contradicts local health authorities’ or the World Health Organization (WHO) medical information about COVID-19”.

They were citizens expressing their opinions about wearing masks and should be heard not censored.


Here is a video of some of the citizens that were proponents of making the wearing of masks optional:

Riverside School Board Member Tom Hach reminds the other school board members what they promised to do when the took their oath of office as a school board member. “The school board is there to follow the Constitution and ensure that the citizens’ Constitutional rights are not violated.”

Well done, Mr. Hach…a true patriot and constitutionalist!


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