Hi-Profile Mentor Republican Endorses Democrat that Supports CRT

Attention Lake County Republican leaders –

The Mentor City Council President Bruce Landeg, a “staunch” Republican we are told, has wandered off the reservation and endorsed a DEMOCRAT friend, Brandon Towns, who believes in the hateful, Marxist ideology of Critical Race Theory.

This begs the obvious question: “Do Republicans stand for anything anymore, or is this just another example of the Kabal of the Kool Kids Klub in Lake County?” Everyone is scratching everyone’s back, Democrats and Republicans alike, and the taxpayers are merely an afterthought.

Where have the righteous people that believe in the greatness of “America First” gone?

With true Republican Conservatives, such as Annie Payne, running for the Mentor School Board, good old Bruce decides to cross the aisle and endorse someone that supports a hateful ideology. Mr. Landeg, you do not get to endorse someone and then declare that you do not believe in his basic CRT platform. It makes no sense, and you have made yourself look like an flaming idiot that should head to the rocking chair on the front porch.

You need to be true to yourself and your constituents – change parties.

So, Republican leaders…the ball is in your court…make sure you do not “fumble the ball”. Censure or banishment is in order. We are watching you very closely.

Towns’ website: https://www.vote4towns.com/

Exposing the real Bruce Landeg…we can see you clearly now, Bruce…you have shown your true self to the voters..

Mentor City Council President REPUBLICAN Bruce Landeg

Bruce Landeg says: “I endorse my well qualified friend, Brandon M. Towns, for Mentor School Board. I do not endorse Critical Race Theory being taught in our public institutions.”

Sorry Republican Bruce Landeg, but you are playing both sides of the fence. You are endorsing a candidate of the opposite party that supports the Marxist ideology of Critical Race Theory. Towns is bent on destroying Mentor’s public education.

Your endorsement is akin to the Germans liking Dr. Josef Mengele because he had a “nice bedside manner”.

Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 11.06.36 PM.pn
Candidate for Mentor
School Board
DEMOCRAT Brandon Towns

Mr. Towns failed to complete the questionnaire that was sent out to all school board candidates. He, obviously, does not want his constituents to know his basic value system.

The sheep need to beware of the wolves! We need more sheepdogs!


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