Liberal Democrat Kevin Malecek in league with Morris Beverage III

LFC Comments: We welcome a new Lake County lobbyist contributing to our efforts to expose the Kabal and the Kool Kids Klub in Lake County.


Since there are a lot of characters in this on-going drama in Willoughby Hills and Lake County, LFC thought it would be appropriate to identify the players. Click on “<“, or “>” on our slideshow.

For some time, reports have come in that Liberal Democrat and Hillary Clinton Presidential Delegate Kevin Malecek is a driving force behind Morris Beverage III’s ill-fated campaign to become a Lake County Commissioner.

Mr. Beverage III (Republican) posted the following photos on his campaign page from today’s parade in Willoughby Hills, where he proudly stands with the Councilman, who tried to fire and reappoint all of the Willoughby Hills Council other than himself, Chris Hallum (Republican).

Mr. Beverage III is also standing with Mark Belich, a.k.a. the “Dumper” of Willoughby Hills and Wickliffe.

But, but…who is taking the picture????
Who is Mr. Beverage’s campaign photographer?

Why it is none other than Mr. Kevin Malecek, a Hillary Clinton delegate!

So there you have it, this wannabe Commissioner candidate is campaigning for the GOP nomination in Lake County with the help of a Hillary Clinton delegate.


LFC Comments by Brian Massie, Executive Director

Stay tuned as we “pull back the curtain” on what redistricting means to former Commissioner and now State Senator Jerry Cirino. It will be interesting to see how Cirino reacts to his new Conservative, tough as nails, challenger, Sandra O’Brien.


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