Brian Ames gets help from Ohio Attorney General David Yost

LFC Comments: Thanks to the patriots at for this article. Pro Se litigant extraordinaire, Brian Ames, scores a major victory against the 11th District Court of Appeals. We hope he gets paid what he is due for exposing the corruption.



Friday, September 17, 2021

CASE # 2021-0706 On Appeal from the Portage County Court of Appeals, Eleventh Appellate District Court of Appeals 2020-P-0063

On Monday, September 13, 2021, Ohio A.G., David Yost, filed an eleven-page brief to support Ames v Rootstown Bd of Tr;11th Dist. No. 2020-P-0063,2021-Ohio-1369. As Yost points out, (t)he [Open Meetings Act] punishes public bodies that violate the Act’s requirements,” so that a court “shall issue an injunction to compel the members of the body to comply “ with R.C. 121.22(I)(1) and “shall order the public body that it enjoins to pay a civil forfeiture of five hundred dollars to the party that sought the injunction.” According to Yost, the case presents the two following questions:

1) Must courts issue a separate injunction for each violation? No.
2) Must courts issue a separate $500 fine for each violation? Yes.

Yost specifically asks the Ohio Supreme Court to reverse the judgment of the Eleventh District Court of Appeal in which, in spite of proving multiple violations committed by the Rootstown Board of Trustees, the latter court ruled that Ames could be awarded only one $500 award. Yost asks the Ohio Supreme Court to reverse the judgment and remand the case back to the Eleventh District so that the “relator in this case may win a $500 award for every Open Meetings Act violation that he proved.

We have specifically included every argument that David Yost has furnished on behalf of Brian M. Ames. Mr. Ames has speculated that Yost’s letter may help facilitate his own reelection as Attorney General. Nevertheless, we believe that Mr. Ames has scored the coup of a mighty litigator, including a brief this spring against the Geauga County Board of Revision.

We welcome the resolution of this case and wish Brian Ames the greatest level of litigative success.


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