Call to Action…State Board of Education

Call to Action

Written by Dr. Jenny Kilgore, State Board of Education, district 4
September 19, 2021

I am reaching out to you as an advocate for Ohio’s students who collaborates with ‘Stop Critical Race Theory.’

We have two proposed resolutions on the Ohio Board of Education’s agenda, up for vote on this coming Tuesday. Your support in the form of phone calls and emails are vital.

Please distribute this ‘call to action’ to anyone that may take a moment in support of this effort to be a positive voice for Ohio children. 

One is a Resolution for Public Participation. This resolution responds to the board president’s recent filtering of opposition testimony, citing the Constitution of both Ohio & the United States as guaranteeing the right to speech in a public meeting, and will require amending board policy that gives the president the unconstitutional ability to prevent. See below.

The second is a Resolution for Academic Excellence for all Ohio students, without prejudice regarding race, ethnicity, or creed. It basically addresses the insulting, prejudicial language of Resolution 20 passed July 2020. See below.

Thank you, your time & efforts are appreciated.

Dr. Jenny Shafer Kilgore
State of Ohio Board of Education, district 4
200 East Sharon Road
Glendale Ohio 45246


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