Deception in Lake Metroparks Flyer

LFC Comments: Thanks to a Concord Lobbyist for pointing out a deception in a recent Lake Metroparks flyer distributed in Concord Township.

What is blatantly obvious is the lack of any mention of the property tax levy details on either side of the flyer. Here is an article that we published about the details of the levy and the financial strength of Lake Metroparks.

Paid for by Citizens for Lake Metroparks

In our opinion, this type of advertising is deceitful and plays to the emotions of the voters without giving any financial information to the voters. It is similar to the “do it for the children” mantra that we see and hear when a school property tax levy is on the ballot.

The undeniable reality is that the public sector of Lake County continues to grow. Have you heard they want to build a $100 million jail on Lake County, and Riverside Schools are still contemplating spending $130 million on a new school?

With an aging population and a modest growth in the overall population (less than 1% in ten years), we are concerned that the private sector will eventually be unable to pay for the public sector. When the future liabilities for public pensions are measured, we may already be at that point.

We do not know the names of the citizens that are responsible for this flyer since their website lacks any details about their organization.

The Executive Director of Lake Metroparks, Paul Palagyi has always been straightforward, timely and complete when we have asked for any records request. We would hope that he is a bit embarrassed, and dismayed by this deception. The flyer does not put Lake Metroparks in a good light.


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